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Wild Fuck Toys: Kayla

Apr 27,2007

Wild Fuck Toys: IsisFav Sex Toy: The Hand
This horny blonde was having a real problem in getting fucked. She was just so damn picky.and wanted only the best thick cock to fuck that pretty pink hole of hers. The only problem is by being so picky she didn’t get much loving ! She decided to stop in and fuck herself with some toys and blow off some steam and cream. She loved the hand and got so hot that she had to have both her tight holes filled and came like a true red light district whore!

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  • Wild Fuck Toys: Diana

    Feb 17,2007

    Wild Fuck Toys: DianaFavorite Toy: Sybian
    I think that Diana is sorta boring. I don’t know any woman that does not love the Sybian. Its the ultimate fuck and cum toy for a woman alone. It hits all those delightful spots that make her scream an moan as she gets her pussy fucked. She did try out a few other wild toys that she seemed to like. She had her clip pierced, but these wild and crazy sex toys helped revive that poor numb pussy into a screaming fuck toy. Will she squirt? or just scream while she cums hard?

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  • Wild Fuck Toys: Sindy

    Oct 2,2006

    Squirt Hunter PeytonSindy Loves the Plow
    This hot older MiLF was having an issue with getting that pink pussy of hers to cum. She came to Wild Fuck Toys in hopes that they could use a machine to prime up that pussy and get it to start pumping out gushers of cum. The doctor advised her of some new methods and toys and she was ready, willing and able to try out the plow. She was shaken to the core and really is a bit confused how she could love a machine, but her pussy thinks it is real real good!

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  • Wild Fuck Toys: Taylor

    May 11,2006

    WildFav Wild Machine? The Plow
    This blonde bitch has corpal tunnel. She didn’t get it from working on the computer or playing alot of games, she got it from finger fucking that pink snatch of hers! What a whore! Well the guys had just what that pussy needed! A bit of the plow and shes a sated little slut you have to see this machine “plow” her pussy.

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  • Wild Fuck Toys: Joey

    Apr 12,2006

    WildThe Jackhammer Jesus
    That is her favorite toy when she came to Wild Sex Toys looking for the immaculate orgasm. She admitted that only a sacred curio would be her savior. Thus she was deliverd to the Jackhammer Jesus. It parted her pink sea and found blessed waters that flowed like honey. Cum and watch the divine wild toys. She had a devine revelation and so will you.

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  • Wild Sex Toys: Monica

    Mar 7,2006

    Wild Fuck Toys: MonicaFavorite Sex Machine: The Plow
    Boyfriends suck! Just ask Monica, she just got dumped and that means no hard cock for Monicas tight pussy. Thats ok, she came to the right place, they got her set up with her new favorite sex toy calld the plow. She loved the way it buzzed her clit and made her explode.

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  • Squirt Hunter: Angela

    Mar 5,2006

    Squirt Hunter: AngelaAngela’s Squirt Return
    This blonde squirter has been on the Squirt Hunter before. She is one of the most popular squirters. The guys thought she should come back and show them again how wet she gets when she cums and squirts across the room for you. If you loved Angela before she will give you more reasons to quench your thirst and come again and again. She gets her pussy full of cock and her cunt just can’t help, but squirt in pleasure.

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  • Wild Fuck Toys: Roxy

    Feb 11,2006

    Wild Fuck Toys: RoxyDorky Donkey
    The Doctor is in with some more smoking hot sluts and the popular dc machines. Watch this weeks brunette Roxy become obsessed with the doctor and beg to have him help her find a screaming orgasm of her own. She started with some low voltage toys, then moved up to the bigger and more juice sucking toys, the big boys as they say. That brunette pussy started quivering and twitching adn soon there was a soaking wet pussy.

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  • Wild Fuck Toys

    Feb 1,2006

    Wild Fuck ToysWild Fuck Toys
    Just when you thought you’d seen everything relating to wild ass sex toys and the bitches that use them in comes this freaky sex toy site. These bitches are beyond dildos and vibrators. These crazy bitches need toys that use DC current to get those pussies moving and twitching before they cum. Check out all the trailers showing these freaky sex toys and these wild bitches in action.

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