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We Live Together:Angelina

Feb 1,2009

We Live Together: AngelinaWorkout Wetness

The girls that work out together get wet together as they shower after a hard hot work out. These nasty babes get together and help each other wash out all the kinks and sore muscles. Watch as the girls get sudsy and slippery wet. Those wet fingers slip into each others pink pussies getting them slick, wet and make them even wetter with that girlie juice.

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  • We Live Together: Georgia

    Sep 21,2008

    We live together: GeorgiaWe all love FREE love!

    Georgia and the girls got together to have a slumber party, but went even further stating lets have a 50’s love in. They all came in their best 60’s garb, brought a long a oujia board and had a blast predicting each others sexual future. This week it seems Georgia would have her pretty pink pussy eaten out by another hot slut. Well damn, but it did happen how bizzare is that? 🙂

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  • We Live Together: Angellina

    Jul 20,2008

    We Live Together: LanaShower 4 Two

    When it’s hot outside, what do you do? Well if your Angellina you invite another hot friend over to share in the water sexcapades. Keep each other wet, cooled off and then lick and suck at each others honey spots until they are adding to the slippery wet pussies.  Watch as they soap up each other’s hot tits, before sliding along that slippery skin to lick at the “Y”.

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  • We Live Together: Lana

    Jun 23,2008

    We Live Together: LanaLingerie Cuties

    Lana and Kina went over to hang out with Nikki and Sammie. When they slipped off their coats, you could see they were wearing some pretty damn hot lingerie outfits. When the strawberries and wine came out the claws went in and the tongues came out to lick pretty pink lusicous pussies and nibble at taunt tight nipples. Watch these girls have a sweet lingerie party that noone will forget fast and those schedules got filled in fast with new lunch dates with each other.

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  • We Live Together: Sammie

    Feb 23,2008

    We Live Together: SammieSlumberParty Sluts
    When the horny girls got together they tried to play nice;) without a lot of sexual overtones, but when you get these slutty babes together it is hard to not thinkof sex. Watch as they started to make up their own rules to simple games. When someone lost they had to show tits, ass or lick something or someone.  Once the feathers started flying the pussy started to get hot and wet and it ended up being a toys out tongue in slumberparty.

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  • We Live Together: Georgia

    Jan 13,2008

    Ball Honeys: GabriellaLove In 
    The girls decided to have their own version of a love in. They set up a party everyone dressed in thier favorite “mod” styles and it was crazy 60’s in the house. Watch as new girl Georiga gets in the mood and startsing licking and playing with the girls. Those gorgeous boobies get touched, fondled and nibbled on by a blonde on blonde moment. Watch all the groovy 69 action between these hip loving blondes.

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  • We Live Together: Sammie

    Aug 26,2007

    Monsters of Cock: Size GuessingSlumber Party Sweeties
    The girls really love having slumber parties esp when they are XXX Style. They love to hang out, throw some pillows, shave some pussies and talk about guys. This time they invited Samme and Jessica. They played a game called Operation. They made the rules up as they went along. There was a ton of wet pussy kissing and tit nibbling as the night went from flirty fun to nasty whore sex. Cum and play with the girls.

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  • We Live Together: Sandy

    Aug 12,2007

    We Live Together:SandyWorking Out The Pussy
    The girls needed new tights for their new workout class, and wanted something that wasn’t so damn worn out looking to show off those tight asses. They headed out to the mall and stopped at a Brazilian fashion store. They loved the look of Sandy so much they talked her into taking the rest of the day off and hang out with them at the pad. She was a hot slut and loved all the attention her pretty pink pussy got. She gave as good as she got and her tongue did some marching up and down pink street as well.

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  • We Live Together: Nicole

    Jul 23,2007

    We Live Together: NicoleWatersports
    These girls have a motto! It is “Anything in the water is way better already” I like that idea, I like the idea of wetness, well esp if it is pink and perfect like these honies. These 3 girls showed Nicole how to have a really sweet and naughty time at the pool. They splashed each other, paddled, swam around and then went back to the living room and dried each other off. Then they made each other cum with dildos, tongues and no matter how wet they got it was steamy and red hot action.

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  • We Live Together: Heather

    Apr 9,2007

    We Live Together: HeatherSweet Scent of Spring
    Spring means shopping for the girls. They love to go out and buy new clothes for the season. They met Heather at the mall. She was luring folks into a cute little shop and the girls were wanting to see what Heather was all about more then the shit in the store. She got talked into going home with the girls, and they had a taste of that sweet pussy. She loved having cream licked off her thighs and playing the toy game with the other girls. She even showed the girls some new twists on a few games that they hadn’t seen before. It was a fun spring fling for all!

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