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VIP Crew: Kina

May 24,2008

VIP Crew: KinaWest Coast Partee!

It’s party time again at the VIP. Those guys have the most fun! They get those pretty babes that like to roll with the big spenders and show their appreciation but getting naked and nailed. Today’s party on the west coast was a wild ride and it had bitches naked and eating each other right there in the VIP box. When they get those bitches out to the limo it gets wilder as fingers, mouths and cocks get buried into some wet and ready holes.

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  • VIP Crew: Emilianna

    Mar 9,2008

    Vip Crew: EmiliannaPool Party for the Crew

    It is big boobie day at the Crew house. Check out all the oiled tits and pussies as the sun beats down getting things hot and sluts ready to be popped! These horny blondes can’t wait to get those cocks out and abuse them while the water
      is cool and the pussy is hot. Check out all the horny sluts at the VIP Crew Hangout!

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  • VIP Crew: Sativa

    May 7,2007

    VIP Crew: SativaCowgirl UP
    & Down! YEEEE HAAA This was a party at the ranch. Talk about wanting to ride some ass, these hot cowgirls had all the guys in fever and had cocks out and mouths open. They wanted some of those horny ho’s to take them to places beyond the ranch and ride them good. The girls were riding the bull and some just wanted to ride those thick cowboys right off the bat. No complaints there, it was a wild west orgy to be sure and you need to check out all the action.

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  • VIP Crew: March Madness

    Apr 12,2007

    VIP Crew: March PartyHorny VIP Chicks
    The CREW always has the best to offer. If its beer, smokes, babes, party action. It doesn’t matter they are on the scene and ready to pop out some hot action. The panties were flying at this party and the asses were busting out all over the place. These were the kinda chicks that love to flash you, lick you and pop that dick wherever you wanna have it. These babes even brought there own strap-ons, toys, tongues and man they were just horny and ready to be popped.

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  • VIP Crew: Lee

    Feb 25,2007

    VIP Crew: LeeVIP Treatment
    It is another hot party that gets going full force fast and loud. It always gets those skirts up and shirts off before it even hits the midnight hour. The panties were poppin and the asses were shaking all over the dance floor and in the VIP box. There were big tits, little tits and all were getting licked and sucked by someone. Josh and Jay picked out Lee to be the VIP slut for the night. She got her great ass and pussy licked and sucked with the VIP treatment by the girls and the guys. Then someone brought in the strap-ons, vibes and other toys and it was a wild and crazy time for all.

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  • VIP Crew: Animal House Re-Visited

    Jan 13,2007

    VIP Crew: GiaToga Toga Toga
    It was party time and they wanted something new and wild. What is wilder then a Toga party? Not much! These guys made their own version of Animal House and just went wild with the Toga action. It didnt’ take long until the beer and drinks were flowing and the sex was everywhere! There were rooms with some hot orgy action a lot of one on one and fuck you have to just check it all out. This party was just getting started. Check out all the slutty co-eds and watch them get those pussies tapped.

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  • VIP Crew: Rebeca

    Dec 8,2006

    VIP Crew: November PartyParty Time Again With the Crew
    Yo!Yo!Yo! The party is starting and the crew is ready and willing. Everyone brought a little bit of this and a lot of that including some phat asses and hanging hooters. It wasn’t long until there were naked titties everywhere in the water fall, the pool and all around the house. Tongues were exploring holes and mounds it was a party that was off the chain! Check out the full trailer and you’ll see how wild that crew can get.

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  • VIP Crew: Kina

    Jun 5,2006

    Another Happening Party
    This is one for the books. This fucked up party happened in the West Coast, the ladies were smoking hot and ready to get down. There were naked babes everywhere for the eyes to see. Tits and asses galore and once the music started it was easy to get as much action as you wanted! Its a one of those have to see deals! Click here and check it out!

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  • VIP Crew: West Coast Party Time

    May 2,2006

    VIPWest Coast Pussy Party
    Summer has already hit in Florida, and thats a good thing because the guys were tired of having inside VIP parties. They wanted some sun and fun and naked tits in the sun. What more can anyone want? They threw the first party of the summer and it started pretty damn boring but it got rolling in ten mins and the chicks were wild as normal and off tha chain. You gotta check out the first party of the summer.

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  • VIP Crew: Dilaila

    Feb 26,2006

    VIP Crew: DilailaParty at the Crew’s House
    Nipples were starting to pop out it was a bit chilly outside so the party this week was inside the house…It was still hotter then hot up there on the penthouse. Drinking games were going strong and the booty was getting out of control. Josh and Rob moved their way into those bikinis in the penthouse as they were rolling and they busted loose. You gotta see this slamming pussy party.

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