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The Big Swallow: Sindee

Feb 16,2007

The Big Swallow: SindeeBig Mouth White Bitch
This hardcore blonde honey loves to suck cocks and she craves thick loads of man goo. She loves them big, fat and meaty. Well she is in for a treat today as this cock is gonna pound her face for her good and hard. She is wanting a huge blast of hot thick cum today and she is gonna get more then she bargained for from this massively thick cock. Watch this cock hungry slut lap up a huge stream of cum as it gushes all over her hot and hungry tongue drowning her ass in man juice.

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  • The Big Swallow: Angel

    May 24,2006

    TheAngel’s Get Plastered too
    with cum that is. This blonde sluts name is Angel and she is a true loving bitch. She loves to tell you how much she wants you to cum in her mouth and with that English accent of hers god it makes you wanna cum hard and drown her in your thick cum. Thats what she got too a thick man sausage that was pumped and primed to give her a big fat load of cum just like she wanted it.

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  • The Big Swallow: Emily

    Apr 20,2006

    TinysHot Thick Cumbath
    That is what Emily lives for, well she really loves to devour hot cum and swallow it. She states she loves the way it feels and tastes going from her mouth and down her throat. Billy saw this whore and he wanted to fuck her like the stupid cunt she is. She states she loves to be fucked in any position and Billy is just the hard cock to do it for her. He is ready, and I hope she’s ready to be fucked and swallow all of Billy’s huge load.

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  • The Big Swallow: Katrina

    Mar 17,2006

    The Big Swallow: KatrinaCum Storm Alert
    The big storm called Katrina whirled into the pad of The Big Swallow to suck twirl that pink tongue around some thick cocks and lick up a thick load of gooey jizz. She admitted nothing turns her on like a big mouth of cum. She sucks a cock like a storm ripping through and its hard now to choke her to death when your face fucking a slut like Katrina. Weather watchers beware this storm is one you won’t want to hide from in fact; you’ll be riding the tides to get a dip into this vortex of brunette.

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  • The Big Swallow: Jordon

    Feb 18,2006

    The Big Swallow: JordonCock Gobbler
    This dirty blonde Jordon loves cock, the smell, the way it feels, the way it feels cramming her tight lips full and sliding down her throat. She just can’t seem to get enough of thick man meat. The guys at The Big Swallow want to make sure that Jordon gets what she needs and craves. They pond that tight pink pussy and then make sure her mouth is full and she gets what she is craving a big load of thick cum.

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  • The Big Swallow

    Jan 24,2006

    The Big SwallowThe Big Swallow
    These cock hungry sluts love the feel of hot thick cum sliding down their throats. They get so excited as they suck on Julian’s nine inch cock. They get so wet and horny they ride him like a horse and bounce up and down wetting his thick cock with pussy juice then hop off and kneel at his feet waiting for that thick cum to flow in their mouths and down their throats. These chicks get just what they wanted as they get face fucked and a big load is released in those nasty mouths.

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