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Teeny Bopper Club: Lela

May 22,2007

Teeny Bopper Club: LelaSweet Eighteen
This brunette cutie was hanging out in the park under a tree. Can you believe she even had a damn hoola hoop? My god the cocks got hard just seeing this brunette. The guys quickly made their way over and she was having a good time and when they told her about this new club all her freinds were in she was excited. She didn’t look like a slut, but she sure knew her way around a thick cock. She loved sucking those thick meat bones and then couldn’t wait to have her pussy pounded hard and fast.

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  • Teeny Bopper Club: Micah

    Mar 24,2007

    Teeny Bopper Club: MicahSweet Sweet Micah
    This really pretty teen was on her way to cheerleading practice when the guys caught up to her and stopped her. They told her all about the club and the best parts about it. She couldn’t wait to join, but first the audition. Does she have what it takes to become a Bopper? Well her fine ass tits and ass say yes, but once you see her in action sucking that thick man meat you know for sure she is already a member, just hasn’t been given the card yet.

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  • Teeny Bopper Club: Paulina

    Nov 15,2006

    Teeny Bopper Club: PaulinaPretty Brunette with Perky Little Tits
    This chick is so teeny tiny; she is a petite cutie pie. Those big soft eyes and luscious pink lips invite you to come and fuck awhile. She is one sex freak though. She loves to grab a big thick cock and just suck and suck until it pushes and pounds its way deep inside that teeny tight pink pussy. It was amazing watching this teeny girl take in such a thick big cock. She wouldn’t quit until she had every drop out of this massive dick.

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  • Teeny Bopper Club: Lucy

    Jul 1,2006

    Teeny Bopper Club: LucyPeer Pressure
    This cute brunettes friends just kept telling her all about this new club they were in and the thick cock they got from the guys. It was driving Lucy just now 18 nuts. It wasn’t fair her friends all had a card to the Teeny Bopper Club and she didnt. She was so damn shy when she showed up, but once she got a look at that thick cock and felt it ramming that tight pussy she became a total sex freak.

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  • Teeny Bopper Club: Allison

    May 27,2006

    TeenyJust Eighteen
    This drop dead sexy brunette is almost a virgin believe it or not. She is shy, naive and yet wanted to become a member of the Teeny Bopper Club! What luck these guys had in finding her! Julian was extra sweet and kind to her and she really warmed up to him. It wasn’t long till she was really loving that thick cock and begging for a hot creamy facial. She has great potential!

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  • Teeny Bopper Club: Alexa

    Mar 22,2006

    Teeny Bopper Club: Alexa Eighteen Year Old Pink Pussy
    Alexa has only shared her pink tight pussy with three boys, never a real man with a huge throbbing cock like Julian. She has wondered a lot in her teen mind about what it would be like to suck on a huge thick cock and then find a real man that is willing to bury his dick inside her tiny pussy and give her a ride that will make her cum like a slut whore. Don’t worry today she will find exactly what she is looking for.

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  • Teeny Bopper Club: Haley

    Feb 18,2006

    Teeny Booper Club: HaleyNineteen Year Old Brunette
    This little teen was really shy at first. She was so sweet, she had on cute white panties. The old fashioned kind, that told the guys all they needed to know about why she was so shy. I guess most teens are, but the guys were really nice to her and warmed her up, then they got her hot and she wanted to get a freak on. The guys had no problem showing her how freaky they can be.

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  • Teeny Bopper Club

    Jan 17,2006

    Teeny Bopper Club Teeny Bopper Club
    Horny teens never before on the web, all find a place to hang out at this website. I loved some of these cute adorable teen amateurs. I found Kat adorable at 19 and wanting to have her sweet pussy licked and fucked for the first time on film. Kenzie is 18 and wants nothing more then to be a part of this Teeny Club. She had no problems getting in riding that cock as well as she did with her pigtails flapping in the wind. This is one teen amateur site you just have to see.

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