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Teens For Cash: Dakoda

Nov 15,2008

Teens For Cash: DakodaBrunette Teen for a Good Fuck

This cute teen is Dakoda Brookes. She is only ninetten and looking for a good time.  She wants her pretty pussy split and she gets that at the Teens For Cash website.   She invited one of the guys over to talk about a nice hard fuck and hten when she tried to change her mind, he got a bit pissy about it the prick tease she did and talked her into boning his thick meat!  Watch her bend over and get that pink split by a thick beefy cock that loved how tight and wet she was.


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  • Teens For Cash: Camryn Kiss

    Aug 10,2008

    Teens For Cash: Camryn KissCuteTeen Stuffed and Abused

    When Camryn’s older brother heads out of town, his best friend promises to watch over his pretty sister.  He does come over to watch over Camryn. The only thing he is watching though is her sweet ass.   When he gets the chance he shows Camryn exactly what a rock hard stud can do with a tight sweet teen pussy.  He pounds that sweet ass until she is moaning and sighing in delight.

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  • Teens For Cash: Riley

    Feb 15,2007

    Teens for Cash: RileyModeling for Cash or Not
    This little teen slut thinks she has what it takes to be a hot model. She isn’t exactly what the top modeling agencies are looking for. What she is though, is perfect material for the guys to fuck and pop those cocks in and out of. At first she isn’t down with the lingo, but once the G’s came out she changed her tune to one of a cock sucker and got her ass boned good and hard. I think she has a chance at being a top porn model.

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  • Teens For Cash: Allison

    Jul 16,2006

    Teens for Cash: AllisonTeen Allison: Cost $1200.00 American
    This teen slut was as hotter then the tempatures outside and it was a hot day! It only took this little beaver $100.00 to get into the car, and the more money they gave her the more this little tramp took her clothes off and bent over for some hot American cock to drill that little pie of hers.

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  • Teens For Cash: Kylie

    Apr 10,2006

    Teens For Cash: KylieTeen Kylie: Cost:$1300.00 American
    This cutie was hanging outside the stip mall when the guys found here and wanted to get her opinions on some communication surveys. It didnt’ take long before Kylie was back at the pad and wondering what kind of survey this was. Then the money was pulled out and she was pulling panties down to get that wad of cash. It is not the only wad she got that day she got her face full.

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  • Teens For Cash: Lorena

    Mar 7,2006

    Teens For Cash: Lorena$1300.00 Teen Booty
    Teens are just needy. Teens think that they need money, and that they have to have sex, so why not fill those needs by offering a smokin hot teen a few hundreds to get that sex addiction that they need? Not a damn thing! Lorena had all the talent she needed to be on Teens For cash and her tight teen pussy and sweet cheeks got the pounding they needed.

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  • Teens For Cash: Keely

    Feb 9,2006

    Teens For Cash: Keely$1400.00 Bang
    This total cutie Keely is unemployed and ready to make some extra spending cash. Lucky for the guys they caught up with her. She wasn’t really into it at first, but the cash temptation won over her morals. She was soon back at the pad showing these guys some new tricks. She loved having that blonde pussy pounded and when she left the guys were panting and wanting more more more.

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  • Teens For Cash

    Jan 31,2006

    Teens For CashTeens For Cash
    You know they say money talks and bullshit walks. This site proves it. It is amazing what can happen when you flash some green in a teens eyes. You can check out this site and see each little bimbo’s price tag. They have sluts that gave it up for only $900.00 and some nice asses for $1700.00. Check out this site and you can find some hot ass bitches and some not so hot cheap tricks. It is just a matter of how many Georges you got with you.

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