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Teens at Work: Missy Stone

Aug 20,2010

Missy Stone Employee of the Month

Cute Missy is a new employee at the cafe, she has a bad attitude and the customers definately aren’t dealing with her well.  She flings their food at them, bitches about the tips and is overall a total bitch.  Her boss has a way of calming her down, and you won’t want to miss how he calms this shebitch!

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  • Teens at Work: Kiara and Nicole

    Oct 1,2009


    Libraries are places of quiet study, well they normally are until you put two student workers inside. These two cute blondes helped this beefy jock find just the right book.  They took him into the stacks, showed him some sex education books and then gave him real time experience in what he was trying to learn.

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  • Teens at Work: Night Shift

    Aug 7,2009


    When Alexia finds out she has the night shift again she wigs out. She really hates having to stick around and being alone is both creepy and well lonely. When Scott comes by to visit she pulls him in and has him help her do some cleaning. She spreads her legs wide so he can clean out her pink pussy with his hard thick cock.

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  • Teens at Work: Brynn

    May 31,2009


    Brynn is a sizzling blonde teen with a great job. She is the wonderful girl that makes sure that all birthday parties go as planned. She makes sure all the hats, balloons and even pony rides are there on time. When she messes up her date book she plans the wrong party on the wrong day and needs to pay for her mistakes. She has to pay for that mistake somehow and she does it with her sweet teen pussy.

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  • Teens at Work: Faye Reagen

    Mar 22,2009


    It was a great day at the pub, St. Patrick’s Day usually is. Faye Reagen was looking forward to the guys, and  great tips that she gets on the holiday. She was really pleased when Dane found her, and gave her a huge tip. The big tip of his hard cock.  She loved that thick cock, it wasn’t green like St. Patrick, but it sure turned her pretty pink pussy inside out as it pumped and pounded her until she creamed his meat.

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