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Squirt Hunter: Jada Fire

Oct 11,2008

Squirt Hunter: Jada FireSlippery When Wet

I bet you never know this, but Jada Fire is a squirter. She is one slippery wet slut when she gets her pussy played with and she cums hard like a real whore.
It is a good thing that she gets so wet or this sexy chocolate honey might melt when she gets that pussy pounded so much that she is on fire.


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  • Squirt Hunter: Peyton

    Oct 1,2006

    Squirt Hunter PeytonThe Power of Squirting
    There are some women that don’t learn to squirt until later on in thier sexual life. Peyton is one of those few sexy slutty women that just now has come into her squirting power, which makes this whore even more horny. She is constantly craving a big thick cock to wrap her pussy around and wet down. Well she sure got it at Squirt Hunter. Watch her attack that cock and squirt all over herself and everyone around her.

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  • Squirt Hunter: Veronica

    May 10,2006

    Squirthunter:Squirt Hunting For The Right Gusher
    This is one talented bitch. She can make that pussy jump and move and shower everyone around in pussy juice when she cums like the slut she is. The guys did a great job in finding this whore for the site, and you can watch her in 35 different clips and over 140 pictures. Its amazing the talent a pussy can have given it has some training and thick cock to work on.

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  • Squirt Hunter: Celestia

    Apr 9,2006

    Squirt Hunter: CelestiaStellar Squirting Talent This Week
    You know sometimes there are good accidents. This hot slut Celestia Star learned that she could squirt by accident. She is practicing that accidental squirting over and over again to prefect it. Well the Squirt Hunter is more then happy to help her practice and watch her squirt her load all over the building. If your thirsty then come and check out the newest star at Squirt Hunter.

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  • Squirt Hunter: Angela

    Mar 5,2006

    Squirt Hunter: AngelaAngela’s Squirt Return
    This blonde squirter has been on the Squirt Hunter before. She is one of the most popular squirters. The guys thought she should come back and show them again how wet she gets when she cums and squirts across the room for you. If you loved Angela before she will give you more reasons to quench your thirst and come again and again. She gets her pussy full of cock and her cunt just can’t help, but squirt in pleasure.

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  • Squirt Hunter: Lexi

    Feb 11,2006

    Squirt Hunter: LexiSquirty Squirt
    Blondes, pussy and wet pussy squirting. That is what we love right? Well you’ll love this weeks slut oer at Squirt Hunter. She is a sultry skank named Lexi that has a pussy full of coochie juice ready to squirt into the next year. She’s a juicy bitch once you get that pussy stirred up with plenty of licking and pussy pounding. Watch her slick this dick down and wet those sheets. This chick is hotter then hell and shows it in 128 pics and movies.

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  • Squirt Hunter

    Feb 1,2006

    Squirt HunterSquirt Hunter
    Sluts that squirt, thats an amazing feat to see and one of the most erotic things to happen when your fucking some slut. You know for a fact then that you made that bitch cum her pants and wet them. Balls deep and getting wetter and wetter thats the best way to experience a fuck hole like these. This site goes to the extremes to find and photograph these squirting skanks. Check out all the action at Squirt Hunter.

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