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She Got Pimped: Tina

Jul 19,2006

She Got Pimped: TinaGhetto Slut to Bedroom Whore
This bitch knew she needed a make over no doubt about it and she really wanted to impress the guys to get into a new hip hop video that she thought they were putting out. So she let them pimp her out for the video then poke that sweet pink pussy and dip some thick cock into that sweet mouth. She loved being pounded so much she forgot all about that hip hop video.

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  • She Got Pimped: Vivica

    Jun 15,2006

    She Got Pimped: VivicaPimped out Oklahoma Ghetto Whore?
    This little black vixen thought she was the shit man, but she was wearing this fucked up sweat suit thing. The guys thought she needed to be skanked out and really gave her the works until she was a total sex whore. This little innocent Oklahoma bitch gets turned inside out and fucked like the ho she is.

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  • She Got Pimped: Tierra

    May 10,2006

    SheBuck Tooth Ghetto Whore
    This is what its all about finding these nappy looking ghetto sluts and doing the big pimp make over and make them banging bitches. These bitches love it. They come in looking like shit and then they leave fucked happy and with new found knowledge of how to pimp that face and body out for even more ghetto ho fucking and sucking.

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  • She Got Pimped: Raven

    Apr 9,2006

    SheShe is so Raven
    This little ghetto ho Raven did not have it going on at all. This chick hit the ugly stick a few times, but you know they say ugly chicks put out more. The guys were hip to the fact of that. They thought what the fuck lets pimp her ass out show her what she could be before we bang that pussy and fill that mouth with an over abudance of hard bone. I’m sure she’ll love it. This makes it much easier to sink that bone and to save on those lunch bags in the closet.

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  • She Got Pimped: Amerie

    Mar 5,2006

    She Got Pimped: AmerieTrolling for Twat
    The guys found Amerie while rolling the hood checking it out looking for a new teen to pimp out and fuck like the slut she is. They got this ghetto princess to take the bait and they soon had her ass back at the crib plugging her nigrecent holes and basting her in ball batter, but then she wasn’t worth playing with and they dumped her back on the slummy side of town where they found her ghetto ass.

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  • She Got Pimped: Shamique

    Feb 10,2006

    She Got Pimped: ShamiqueBefore the Pimpin
    This ghetoo booty came right off the streets and this black bitch had no idea she could look so freaking hot till we took her home and pimped her ass out. She kpet saying she wasn’t a hoodrat, but when she got offered some g’s to come back to the pad and get pimped out she was all over it. They pimped her out nice, and then pounded that pussy till she was screaming for a cum load.

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  • She Got Pimped

    Jan 31,2006

    She Got PimpedShe Got Pimped
    This site is extreme makeover city. These guys go out and find regular ghetto hoes, bring them back and have them pimped out. Some of these chicks were pretty, but had no idea what to wear to be a high classed pimp job. These guys get them pimped out then strip them down and fuck those pink holes. There were some chicks that no matter what they did, they still didn’t lose that ghetto stink, they did however get some stiff cock in that pussy hole and they enjoyed every stroke.

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