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Real Wife Stories: Asa Akira

Mar 23,2011

Real Wife Stories Asa Akira

When Asa got caught and jailed for a old warrant her husband wasn’t amused. He went down to get her out of jail and when he saw how much the guard liked her curves, he decided to teach her a lesson. These guys work her over and leave her soaking wet with jizz.

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  • Thursday
    Nov 25,2010

    Real Wife Stories Lexi Belle

    When this blond tramp is threatened by what she thinks is the mob, she offers to do anything to keep them away.  They see her amazing curves, pink pussy, and perfect mouth and decide to let her fuck and suck that rock hard cock to keep her family safe from danger.

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  • Real Wife Stories: Diana

    Oct 17,2010

    Real Wife Stories: Diana

    Diana is a sex starved wife that can’t control her sexual inhibitions.  When her husband comes home and catches her slurping on this big cock he about has a coronary, but when he sees that ram rod bury itself into her tight ass he is shocked, she never gives him anal sex.   He has nasty plans for his little wife tonight after her lover leaves.

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  • Saturday
    Sep 11,2010

    At first look you might think that Monique Alexander is Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.  This hot and nasty wife isn’t anything like cute and sweet Rebecca.  She is a tattooed sex nymph that wants to lick and fuck every hard dick she comes across.  Watch her as she goes down on the farm.

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  • Real Wife Stories: Nikki

    Jul 24,2010

    Real Wife Stories: Nikki

    Nikki and her OLD man have had some problems in the bedroom and they have decided that a hot threesome would really perk up their love life.  Nikki gets sidetracked at the park, and ends up fucking the first hard cock that she comes across.  She loved having that thick dick shoved into her tight pussy and she exploded her girl juice all over it.

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  • Sunday
    Jun 13,2010

    Who wouldn’t want to come home and have a hot brunette like Ariella Ferrera waiting for them.  Today is her first year anniversary with her husband and she wants it to be special.  She has made a special dinner for just the two of them, but when he arrives at home with a friend she isn’t sur what is going on.  She fucks his friend in front of him and that drives him nuts.  He got the perfect anniversary gift and she got her pussy filled with dick.

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  • Saturday
    May 8,2010

    What a dumb slut.  Dianna is a gorgeous blond with big tits that get her into all kinds of trouble.  Her husband has filed for divorce and because of her cheating ways she isn’t getting shit out of the deal.  Her lawyer is pissed because they just watched the video of her cheating on her husband with another man.  That ass off hers was getting shagged hard and everyone watches with wide eyes and open mouths.

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  • Real Wife Stories: Devon Lee

    Mar 30,2010

    This is one marriage that was made in heaven or at least in a sexy hell.  These two have been dating before and decided to get married.  It doesn’t take long after the marriage before Devon’s new step-son tests out the fruits of his dad’s labor.  He grabs that phat assed blond step-mom and feeds her his dick stick and she loves every dirty minute of it.

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  • Saturday
    Mar 6,2010

    This guy has the best of both worlds.  You can’t be sad when you have two hot brunettes waiting for you in your martial bed. When he comes home and finds his lovely Asa getting her pussy eaten by London, he strips down and joins in the fun.  You can imagine the cumtastic time this horny husband has when he becomes the pole.

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  • Wednesday
    Jan 20,2010

    Sometimes shit just drops in your lap, that is what happened to this private eye.  When he was hired to watch this brunette whore of a wife, she shows up at his doorstep to find out if he is the one following her around.  When he says yes,  she uses her big ass and wet pussy to keep his mouth shut.

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