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Please Bang My Wife: Sky

Nov 18,2007

Please Bang My Wife - SkySky’s Smokin Shakedown
The guys have an overflowing email inbox with couples begging to be on Please Bang My Wife. They all want to have those horny wives fucked and pumped by a pro and watch. Today they pulled out Sky and her husband David. They have been married for only 4 years, but feel the need to spice up the love life. They met at the park and had an interview at the park, found the couple more then ready to get to the action and headed back to the studio. David got right into the hubby chair, and she slid her panties off to get her pussy licked and then she got to the pro cock and it was on.

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  • Please Bang My Wife: Tyler

    Mar 21,2007

    Please Bang My Wife: TylerTyler Fucks Billy for her Hubby
    It seems that Tyler is bored in her marriage. Her hubby and she want more excitement and are thinking of swinging. They want to test out the waters, and what better way then to have Billy fuck Tyler. It didnt’ take much coaching for her to grab Billy’s thick cock and get to work on it with her pretty mouth. Billy watched on and was really getting into it. He even gets into it and licks and fingers her tight pussy and ass while she is sucking on Billy’s wood.

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  • Please Bang My Wife: TJ

    Oct 12,2006

    Please Bang My Wife: TJTJ’s Body Building Tight Body
    This blonde wifey had a hot body and we wanted to hold ours agsinst hers. The good thing is the guys at Please Bang My Wife got to do that! Lucky stiffs. This couple wanted to share and explore some fantasies of wife swapping and they got most of the fantasy completed by having this little slut get her holes filled with strange cock.

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  • Sunday
    May 28,2006

    PleaseJoey and Bethany 4 years of marriage
    This couple meet online and they got married. They have been married for four long years and happily so, but now they are back on the internet, but this time for more then romance. She was so excited when theyh came in she was so willing and wanting a huge thick cock it was unreal. Her hubby loved it so much he couldn’t wait and just jumped right in.

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  • Please Bang My Wife: Puma

    Apr 25,2006

    PleaseThe Married Pussy
    This little sluts name is Puma and she is married to Teddy. They are both friends of Julians. He told them about the Please Bang My Wife website and that little sluts pussy was wet immediately. She has always felt wet when she thought of Julian. Teddy thought it would be freaking hot to watch Julian pound his wifes tight pink pussy. She sucked Julians hard cock and then rode him like a cowgirl.

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  • Sunday
    Mar 19,2006

    Please Bang My Wife: Shannon Redheaded Cum Pig
    Whats better then a hot wife? A cumpig like Shannon. She not only loves to have her pussy pounded by her husband, but has had a fantasy that hubby just loves. she wants to be a pornstar at least once in her lifetime and that thought makes hubby hard and ready to watch her get banged by the guys. She’s a total slut in the sack and you have to see her suck and fuck cock like a pro. I think I know why this hot bitch is hubbys princess of porn.

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  • Tuesday
    Feb 14,2006

    Bang My Wife: MichelleReno Sex Marriage
    What is better then sex non stop with the woman of your dreams? Asking someone else to come and join in the fun. Thats exactly what Michelle and her husband did; they came over to Please Bang My Wife to have some erotic spice added to their already hot sexual marriage. She loved Julian’s hot thick cock and sucks him till he sprays her face with hot cum while hubby watches.

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  • Saturday
    Jan 21,2006

    Please Bang My WifePlease Bang My Wife
    These wives are bored and want some spice in their marriages. What do you do? You find someone to fuck you in front of hubby. Aryanna’s husband was all into the idea, until he saw her fucking Julian. Then he had some expressions on his face that bring me to believe he wasn’t as into it as he made out. The looks on these husbands faces are great, and these wives can fuck like the whores they are and come back for more. This site had me right on the edge of my seat. Its like Jerry Springer without the fighting.

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