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Pimp My Black Teen: Krystal

Feb 10,2007

Pimp My Black Teen: KrystalGhetto Bitch to High Class Whore
This sloppy looking ghetto teen was brought in by a thug named Julius wanting to see this bitch cleaned up. He wanted to know what was under that nappy looking hair. She has great eyes and he just knows something special could be found under those nasty clothes of hers. He wasn’t wrong, under all that ghetto shit was a pretty black whore that was looking to be pretty and have a thick cock shoved deep inside her mouth and pussy.

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  • Saturday
    Oct 7,2006

    Pimp My Black Teen: SunshineWow Sunshine Shines Down the Pimped Way
    This little cutie had heard about the boys doing some pimppin and make overs and knew she was kick ass smokin inside, but wasn’t sure how to do the change over. She headed over to the Pimpin shack and got herself fixed up. She was shocked at how great she looked after the guys got done with her. She didn’t have a problem putting up some pink poontang to pay for that make over and she was one freak in the sheets. You have to check out the after pix!

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  • Wednesday
    Apr 19,2006

    PimpSpreading the Word through the Ghetto
    That is what is happening over at Pimp My Black Teen. The guys are starting to get a great rep for hitting up some ugly ass bitches and turning out some hot freaky hoes. Johnetta suprised the crew by coming to them begging to be pimped out and they not only pimped her out, but cleaned out that pussy with some hardcore pumping.

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  • Pimp My Black Teen: Vivica

    Mar 16,2006

    Tiny's Black Adventures: Vivica

    Sweats to Sweets Pimpin Style
    Velvet sweats? That is so 80’s right? This chick definately needed some help in the pimpin department and the guys are always ready to turn a doggie into a hottie. She was so shocked at how good she looked that once she calmed down from all the excitement about her make over that she wanted to thank Johnny by sucking his cock and then letting him pound that pussy hot and hard.

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  • Pimp My Black Teen: Somaya

    Feb 17,2006

    Pimp My Black Teen: SomayaPlain Black Tank Top
    and some cheap ass generic jeans. Whats up with that combo? This chick definately needed some pimping out to become the ghetto beauty we knew she could be. They showed her some tricks about herself, wearing some makeup, fixing that hair and she was hotter then hot. Then she had to learn to give in return so they shared those thick cocks and hot man meat with this little ghetto hottie.

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  • Pimp My Black Teen

    Jan 26,2006

    Pimp My Black TeenPimp My Black Teen
    Ghetto booty can be ok, but if you have the time to find and fuck a sexy black teen then its even more exciting. These guys go out and find some ghetoo booty, take a few hours and give them an extreme makeover, then fuck the shit out of them! All these chicks went from mild to freaky phat with the makeovers they got and that pussy was juicy pink and ready to fuck. You have to see the difference between ugh and yeah.

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