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Naughty Office: Daisy Marie

Oct 19,2008

Naughty Office:Daisy MarieBangin Miss Daisy

This is one beautiful brunette bombshell. She loves her job, and the guys working with her love to watch her work. When she is making some copies at the copier one of her co-workers decides to see if she wants to spend lunch with him. She agrees and they take their break in the office getting naked and she gets a big hot dog for lunch.

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  • Naughty Office: Devon

    Nov 17,2007

    Naughty Office - DevonInter-Office Screw Up
    When you get busted by the interoffice rules bitch what do you do? She knew these two were fucking and having an affair. She had pages and pages of notes and actual pictures. These guys knew they were fucked then. She came up with an offer to wipe out those notes and pictures. She told them I can bust you here and now, or you can fuck me and let me lick that pink sweet pussy of hers. What was this couple to do, but agree and this threesome gets hot and really fucks the office crazy.

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  • Naughty Office: Sophia

    Jan 1,2007

    Naughty Office: SophieNew How To Stop Harrassment Techniques
    Never tell someone you’ll go out with them if they broke up with their girlfriend. Poor Sophie here did and now that Jack has broken up with his old girlfriend he is bugging the hell out of Sophia and she has a mound of work on her desk she has to get done! She comes up with a plan, fuck Jack and get him out of her office so she can get her work done! A girl has to do what a girl has to do!

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  • Naughty Office: Naudia

    May 17,2006

    NaughtySucking it to the Top
    What pisses anyone off more is to be overlooked for a promotion! This little whore has been overlooked 2 times in the past 6 months, while her co-worker has gotten promoted both times. What is the difference? She goes to her boss to find out and he kindly tells her that it is cock sucking that those with the hottest mouths get promoted, and frigid bitches don’t. It doesn’t take long for Naudia to fall to her knees and put in some overtime to get her promotion!

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  • Naughty Office: Shannon

    Apr 17,2006

    NaughtyCorporate Ladders and Whores
    This isn’t chutes and ladders this is corporate dog eat dog or more amptly co worker eat the boss and maybe get a little higher in the work food chain. Firey Shannon has all the skills to become a great ladder climber. She can suck cock like a Hoover, and her tight body and pink pussy are the way to any bosses recommendations. I forsee a great future for Shannon.

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  • Naughty Office: Taryn

    Mar 11,2006

    Naughty Office: TarynFirst Day On The Job
    Anthony is a solid employee, but its his first day on the job, and the boss wants to make sure he can handle his job. He gives him a dirty job, of downsizing some of the office staff today. Taryn is one of the girls he has to lay off. She isn’t going without a fight, she is down on her knees and sucking his cock. Will it save her job? The only way to find out is to check out this hot little slut and her cocksucking abilities.

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  • Naughty Office: Tory

    Feb 16,2006

    Naughty Office: Tory LanePackage Delivery
    Tory has been waiting and watching for the special package that the office needs. Derrick finally arrives with the package, Tory inspects the delvery boy’s package first. She thinks she likes what she sees and demands to see the entire package before collecting the office mail. Derrick is happy to comply and soon Tory has her hands on his special package and wraps it up deep in her wet pink pussy.

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  • Naughty Office

    Jan 27,2006

    Naughty OfficeNaughty Office
    I bet like everyone else you have had a fantasy about your secretary or having a secretary that was more then a office slut. This slut does homage to your hard cock, bends over with her panties peeking to tease you at the office and then you make her fuck you and suck you. This site takes you to the hidden side of the office, the fucking side where not every intern or secretary is safe from being asked to fuck the boss for her raise or promotion.

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