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Jan 19,2007

My Sisters Hot Friend: JaylynnDate Swapping with her friends Brother
Sometimes you just know your gonna have a bad date. It is obvious before you even walk out the door to go. This is one of those times for Jaylynn. When she sees Sascha come in she has a plan. Screw the date, just get laid. She begs Sascha to fuck her like a slut and reminds him he doesn’t even have to buy her dinner first. What guy wouldn’t wanna pound this cute teen angel? Sascha jumps right on that pink teen pussy. This is one lucky son of a bitch don’t you thnk?

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  • Thursday
    Dec 7,2006

    My Sisters Hot Friend: JadeSister’s Friend Brothers Hot Bitch
    Smokin Jade headed over to Anthony’s house for a BBQ that she was invited to by his sister. What a lucky break for Tony that his sister was out shopping for last min things for the BBQ. This is one of his sister’s friends that he has had a crush on for months. She is a hottie to with nice firm tits and a tight ass. What would sister think if she know that her friend was fucking Tony, and sucking his cock in the house? Who the shit cares, we know Tony doesn’t!

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  • Tuesday
    May 16,2006

    MyMoving Chicks Has its Rewards!
    Jack is such a nice guy! He just helped his sisters friends move to a new apartment that they will be sharing! He told them up front he didnt’ want any cash for helping them move, however what he does want is some of that tight pink pussy and a double blowjob. The girls are more then happy to comply and give him a fuck he won’t soon forget!

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  • Saturday
    Apr 15,2006

    MyBroken Hand = Pumped Pussy
    Alex got his hand broken from trying to break up a fight between his sister and this slut named Missy. Missy feels really badly about what happened and offers to sign his cast and kiss his boo boos. Well Alex wants more then his boo boos kissed after breaking his hand. He wants her to spit shine his cock and pound her pussy on his pole and she does just that. Breaking up can be so fun!

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  • Saturday
    Mar 11,2006

    My Sister's Hot Friend: CandyThis Candy is Dandy and won’t rot your teeth
    She is a fake, she has been posing as Anthony’s sister’s friend until she could get those hands into his pants and find out if he is the man she has heard rumors about throughout the school. This is the perfect time for Candy to get into his pants, and she does. She gives him her best cock sucking and pussy pounding. Will Anthony like her enough to get it again? 

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  • Saturday
    Jan 28,2006

    My SisterMy Sister’s Hot Friend
    Some guys have all the luck in dating, then there are others that have the best lines to pick up chicks. This guy does a bit of both he only taps his sister’s good looking friends. He waits for them to get introduced and bags then bangs them. These aren’t doghouse girls either they are slutty and sexy ready to have that pussy tapped by this guy. We could learn a lot here.

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