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Jul 25,2007

My Naughty Latin Maid: Thea MarieCleaning Up The Kitchen
This horny Latina slut, loves to clean anything and everything. Today she was a whirlwind in the kitchen. She not only made the guys lunch, but had that kitchen sparkling aftwards. They were so impressed with her cleaning skills they had to have her suck some cock and see how well she could clean a thick sausage! She didn’t need any other cleaning materials except her pretty mouth and wet pussy! Watch her suck and fuck those cocks clean as a whistle.

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  • Tuesday
    Oct 31,2006

    My Naughty Latina Maid: KiraHouse is a Pigsty
    The best way to clean any house according to Seth is to stick his thick cock into some hot Latina pussy. When Kira arrives she is amazed at what a pigsty that Seth has been living in. She settles in and starts to clean the house for him. What she wasn’t prpared for was Seth coming to clean out that tight pink Latina pussy of hers which he does quite well and drops off a load of hot man goo into her greedy mouth! Clean that bitch!

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  • Sunday
    May 14,2006

    MyLate to Work Means Hard Fucking
    This little slut was late to work onher first day. That doesn’t give anyone a good impression of you. She has to really bust that apple bottom’d ass to make it up and show what a good little whore she is. Once she is done picking up the living room and cleaning the bathroom she gets to the living room and gives that cock a spit shine hoping to keep her job and impress her new boss with how good she can clean his cock for him.

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  • Thursday
    Apr 13,2006

    DirtyRevenge On Slim
    Bixel is pissed off at Slim and is going to get his revenge. He is going to leave him high and dry without a roof over his head. The service sends over this hot Latina Lopez and she is going to assist him with the move. The problem is she is only interested in getting her hot little pussy licked and fucked with a huge American cock. Do you think Slim will get moved out or Bixel will get his cock shined? Gotta check this one out.

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  • Friday
    Mar 10,2006

    My Naughty Latina Maid: KatalinaKatalina’s a Latin Freak
    Slim is so tired of Matt. He lets him down all the damn time. He has gotten his own nasty little maid sluts to clean for him today. They are gonna clean his apartment and then make his cock clean as a whistle using all the tools available to them. Your average maid just won’t do it for Slim anymore. Let’s see if these sluts have what it takes to make Slim happy.

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  • Wednesday
    Feb 15,2006

    My Naughty Latin Maid: Havana IceTwo Tongues of Pleasure
    Matt’s at home alone. His buds went to Hawaii for Luna de Miel. That doesn’t stop him however he arranges to see two house-keepers to get his house ready for his birthday party. They are hot and ready to clean up after him. Don’t worry he will make sure he gives them a tip….of cock and some big ass balls and thick cock. They offer him up some hot balloon sized titties for his birthday party.

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  • Saturday
    Jan 28,2006

    My Naughty Latin MaidMy Naughty Latin Maid
    This is one cleaning service all us guys can use. If you want to have your house cleaned you have a Latin chick do it. It will always be cleaner, if you want that extra cock cleaning they are usually right on it with the right amount of a tip. Check out all these hot as hell slut maids as they clean house. Then watch them bend down and clean cockknobs with a little bit of a cash tip.

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