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Aug 11,2008

Teens For Cash: Camryn KissStar of Moms

Mrs Starr is very popular around the neighborhood.  She has had boys at her house forever. She is the cool mom and gives them treats, juice and when they hit college she brings them home and teaches them the ropes. When I say ropes I mean sexual ropes. She loves to show off her tits, let them learn how to get a girls bra open by practicing on her black lace bras.   After they pass that test, they get to sniff her crotch and lick her pussy until they can make a clitty cum hard and fast.

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  • Tuesday
    May 16,2006

    MyLonely Moms are Easy Targets For Young Cock
    This is apparant as Mrs. Deauxma is having a very sad and tough day. Her son is now away at college and she is lonely. One of his friends happens to stop by and sees she is blue and sad. He decides now is prob the best time for him to try and get in tight with her. Boy o Boy does he; that thick cock of his gets into that tight older pussy and perks her day right up.

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  • Sunday
    Apr 16,2006

    FastMrs. Kupcakes Big Pastries
    Kris needed a place to stay, and being a good mother knowing her son’s friend was out in the cold she took him in. Well it seems Kris is being a dead ass and using more then his share of shit around the house. Mrs. Kupcakes has it planned how she can now take advantage of him. She is gonna make him plow that pussy, and fuck her like the good little man he is and then call daddy and tell him he needs to start paying some rent.

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  • Saturday
    Mar 11,2006

    My Friend's Hot Mom: Cheyenne HunterSon’s Friend Rebound Sex
    Andrew just got dumped, and Mrs Hunter is upset. She hates it that he is so upset esp since he is her son’s friend. she takes matters into her own hands and tries to cheer him up, when that doesn’t work she quickly has him stripped and pounding her pussy. She makes him lay back while she sucks that young cock and fucks him stupid. I do think he forgot about his little girlfriend and her dumping him.

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  • Friday
    Feb 17,2006

    My FriendBest Friend’s Mom
    Trent is a good friend to Mrs. Monroe’s son. He won’t admit that he hangs out at his friends house a lot because he has a lust for her that won’t stop and has left plenty of times with a hard on that won’t quit. Today is Trent’s lucky day he has a chance to bang his friends mom while he is out of town. He gives her some of his thick long Texas cock and she loves every inch of it. Click here and check out all the action.

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  • Friday
    Feb 17,2006

    My SisterHelping out a Friend
    Scott’s friend Tony hasn’t got his nut off in quite awhile, and Scott being a good friend sets up Tony with his sister’s friend, Dominica. Scott was going to just watch Tony get his nut off, but it seems sex fiend Dominica has her own thoughts. She feels the need to have her holes filled to capacity and its not long till Scott joins Tony in the pussy pounding action. Check out this hardcore three way action here.

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  • My Friend’s Hot Mom

    Jan 28,2006

    My FriendMy Friend’s Hot Mom
    You don’t have to go far to find a MILF mother I’d like to fuck in this world. These guys want and do fuck their friend’s hot moms and these mature sluts are hotter then hot. They are ready and craving some young cock to fill up those empty days without the kids in the nest. Will your MOM be the next Mom next door? Find out by checking out all these mature moms.

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