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Dec 20,2008

My First Sex Teacher: CameronCameron Teaches Her Lessons

Cameron thought her blonde stud of a student needed some extra tutoring in his language lessons. She knew he could speak better than he had been in class, but she didn’t know it would be with his big ole cock. He could speak volumes with that meaty monster. Her wet pussy spoke back in the language of desire and they both had a great time learning new lessons in fucking together.

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  • Friday
    Nov 21,2008

    My Frist Sex Teacher: Shayla LaVeaux & Elli FoxxShayla LaVeaux & Elli Foxx

    Today’s kinky sex teacher is Professor Shayla LaVeaux, she must be French, and wants to instruct in the fine art of French kissing. Her apt student is
    Elli Foxx and she goes a long way in teaching Miss Foxx how to lick and nibble at a pink snatch, frenching that pink like a little sex pro.  You won’t want to miss any of these French Lessons!

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  • Wednesday
    Mar 7,2007

    My First Sex Teacher: Mrs ZaneFirst Day On The Job Blues
    It’s always very scary to start a new job You don’t know anyone, you have butterflies in your stomache and as a sub teacher you have to deal with all those new students. Poor Jaylie Zane is a sexy teacher who is very nervous about her new job at the university. Mikey is there to help He wants to make sure that Jaylie has a smooth way to go, and he does that by getting her new ass naked in the teacher’s lounge and fucking her brains out.

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  • Monday
    May 15,2006

    MyCheating at School
    That is always frowned upon! Cheating on tests is bad enough but Mrs. Ludy just found out that Jack is fucking another teacher. She is pretty pissed and bound and determined to get him back into her pussy. Will Jack decide that the best grade for fucking goes to Mrs Ludy? This is one hot sex day at school as she fucks Jack until he decides to stick with his own teacher.

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  • Sunday
    Mar 12,2006

    My First Sex Teacher: Mrs DerekMrs. Derek’s Anatomy Lessons
    Trent is trying so hard in anatomy, he wants to be a medical nurse or doctor so badly, but his grades are not making the grade. He thinks he needs private tutoring so he can raise them and asks Mrs. Derek’s advice on who to ask to tutor him. She is more then happy to give him some private lessons after class in anatamoy, starting with her pink tight pussy.

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  • Thursday
    Feb 16,2006

    My First Sex Teacher: Mrs AnnSchool’s In Session
    Derrick has an attitude problem, he has crap grades and he drives a fucked up pimp mobile. These are all the things Mrs. Starr hates and she wants to talk to him about it. She gets her chance to talk to Derrick, but its hard to do with a big thick cock sticking down your throat. Watch Derrick use that big attitude and hard cock to pump Mrs. Starr’s pussy and face fuck her ass.

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  • My First Sex Teacher

    Jan 27,2006

    My First Sex TeacherMy First Sex Teacher
    Do you remember those nasty hard-ons you got when you were in class watching your teacher bend over and you could see those hot tits? Do you remember wanting to fuck her tits off? This site takes you there with these guys not only having those nasty hardons but these hot teachers will teach them a lesson or two about what to do with those hard massive cocks.

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