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May 7,2016


Skye West is about to get her hairy pussy licked by a mom. That mom would be none other than the super sexy Milf Savannah Fyre. These two make for a sizzling hot lesbian sex video. What you’re about to see is pleasure taken to a whole new level. Pleasure than can only be dished out by an experienced pussy lover like Savannah. It’s a video that will give you an instant boner when these two begin to go at it. You don’t need dick pills to get hard when there’s lesbian sex this hot. All you need to do is press the play button and start jerking.

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  • Friday
    May 6,2016


    Cyrstal Rae is visiting her friend’s mom. The friend’s mom is the one and only Bobbi Rydell. You can already see where this is going. Cyrstal is super hot and the mom wants some of that. You would too and don’t lie about it. Those tits of hers are so nice. They’re all natural and that’s why you’re going to fall in love with them. Bobbi did and it doesn’t end there. Crank up your speakers and listen to these two go at it. No one eats pussy like a Milf and Cyrstal knows it from first hand experience.

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  • Thursday
    May 5,2016


    Kharlie Stone is like every other person on planet earth. She hates doing her chores. Desi Dalton, Kharlie’s stepmom, always makes sure to check her work. Desi is a very strict stepmom and will only allow Kharlie quit once the place is spotless. There’s another way that she can quit early and that’s to fool around with her stepmom. Kharlie does just that and it’s out of this world. They even break out a toy and both of them fuck it. Kharlie will have to either learn to do a better job or get used to licking her stepmom’s needy pussy. Either way, Kharlie is going to be quite the busy stepdaughter.

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  • Tuesday
    May 3,2016


    It breaks Syren Demer’s heart, but Calypsa Micca doesn’t want to be a model. Syren worked so hard to finally get her stepdaughter the modeling gig she’s always wanted. Why doesn’t Calypsa want to become a model? Her tits are too small. That’s why. Syren isn’t going to let that stop her. She’s going to prove to her stepdaughter once and for all those tits are nice. So nice in fact, she starts playing with them. This all leads to full blown stepmom and daughter sex that will leave your penis speechless.

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  • Sunday
    May 1,2016


    Cherie Deville is the kind of stepmom that pays close attention to things. That’s how she caught Zoey Monroe opening up one of her gifts. What is a girl to do? She was curious and after all, Zoey’s dad lets her open one gift before the big day. Fast forward it a little and these two are going crazy with each other. Licking, fingering, and even using candy canes as toys. It’s smut like this that will make you wish the holiday season was all year long.

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  • Saturday
    Apr 30,2016


    Veronica Vain is totally fed up with her stepdaughter Piper Perri. It’s about time that things changed around there. Piper got her brand new vehicle all dirty like that. It’s a shame and now someone has got to clean it. Make sure you watch towards the end of this video. Veronica gets face deep in Piper’s pussy and it’s something you’ll never forget. Veronica loves eating her stepdaughter’s pussy and it’s caught on tape for the world to see.

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  • Wednesday
    Apr 27,2016


    Lilith Shayton and Vannessa Phoenix both skip math class and go to Veronica Vain’s. She’s an older lady that’s pretty cool. At least cool enough to let these schoolgirls to come over and hangout. They do a whole lot more than just sit on the couch and chat. At some point you’ll notice that the lesbian sex is a totally wild threesome that’s out of control. You were probably a good boy and didn’t skip school. See what you were missing?

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  • Sunday
    Apr 24,2016


    The family life of Crystal Rae and Jamie Valentine is kind of screwed up. Crystal’s dad is cheating on her stepmom Jamie. That’s how all this happened. Jamie was about to leave when Crystal stepped in. Crystal loves her stepmom and she doesn’t want her to leave. If she has to, then she wants to have one memory of her to hold on to. That memory will be of the two of them licking and fingering each other to the point of pure blissful pleasure.

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  • Saturday
    Apr 23,2016


    You heard it here first. Lolo Punzel’s stepmom is a total pervert. It all started when this stepmom wanted to relive some of her youth. Lolo was more than happy to hang out with her stepmom and have a little fun with her. This isn’t exactly the kind of fun that Lolo had in mind. It’s when Lolo’s stepmom is face deep in her pussy that she seems to lose it. Having a stepmom like this certainly has its advantages. As we all can see in this hot stepmom and daughter lesbian sex video.

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  • Friday
    Apr 22,2016


    Katalina Mills doesn’t want to go to school today. Her stepmom Amber is really concerned as to what the problem may be. Well, it’s all about a boy. Amber is a great stepmom and gives Katalina advice on how to get through this. She also lets her hair down and has some fun. It’s the kind of fun that only a stepmom can have with her daughter. This video is loaded with a stepdaughter face deep in her mom’s pussy. All of you should remember this is the best way to solve your problems. That is if your problem involves boys and school.

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