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Nov 10,2010

This horny blond snatch meets her match when she takes home this horny black vet.  He strips her like a sub-machine gun and shoves his cock in ramming that piston of his until he explodes his cum bullets all over her nasty  mature face.

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  • Sunday
    Sep 26,2010

    Anjanette Astoria Pounded Hard by a Black Dick

    This is one lucky moutherfucker!  He found a horny MiLF with a craving for cock, and he was the dick on the job at the time.  Check out his amazing luck as he splits this bitches old pussy apart with his hard thick dick.

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  • Sunday
    Feb 14,2010

    Jody is about to have his special day changed.  Instead of getting fitted for Valentine’s romance, this blond MiLF turns his romantic thoughts into sexual thoughts as she grabs his monster cock during his fitting.  She kneels at his feet and gobbles his dick making him forget about his special girl and the date they had planned for Valentine’s Day.

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  • Sunday
    Dec 27,2009


    IT guru Jon Jon stops by to help the beautiful blond Jordon Blue with her computer.  When he fixes her problem, she gives him a tip for being so fast.  She pushes him down into a chair, rips his pants down and begins to suck on his big ass schlong.

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  • Wednesday
    Nov 18,2009


    Sean gets into trouble from his public relations people.  They won’t give him a break, so he doesn’t give them one.  He grabs his blond pr rep and bangs her pretty pink pussy until she is split wide open and ready to agree to anything he wants.

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  • Tuesday
    Aug 4,2009


    When Dyana can’t get in touch with her sexual side she goes to visit Dr. Poppycock. This thick black stud knows exactly what this horny milf needs. She needs a heavy hung black man to open up that pink pussy and show her what she has been missing. Watch her get that tight ole pussy destroyed by this black monster.

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  • Thursday
    May 28,2009


    This monster tit slut just lost her best friend and her hard cock. She is so depressed she isn’t even going to work. Her friends can’t stand to see her so devastated so they call in a favor that this hard black cock owed them. That black cock loves those monster sized melons that Daphne has and she loves his huge black chocolate dick that was ripe for the munching. Together they explode in a session of lust and hard pounding action.

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  • Thursday
    Mar 19,2009


    When horny and sex hungry Raquel Devine finds out she has a big black stud living next door she wants in his pants, and bad. This horny MiLF sends her hubby out on some errands and calls the black stud over to help her reach some tight places. When he gets there she routes him through her pants and into that pink pussy of hers to the tightest place she knows. He loves that pretty wet pussy and destroys that old pussy so bad that her husband won’t even recognize it.

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