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Mike’s Apartment: Zina

Dec 7,2008

Mikes Apartment: ZinaPenis Freak

When Zina needed a place to hang out and stay for a few days to get her head straight, she headed to Mike’s. She had heard from a few people that it was a great place to stay. Clean and neat, and the nightly rent was pretty cheap if you didn’t mind sucking and riding a bit of cock, but when she saw the size of this cock she about flipped out.

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  • Mikes Apartment: Rose

    Sep 8,2008

    Mikes Apartment: RoseDesperate Times

    This cute amateur pussy was desperate when she got to Mike’s place. She really needed a place to crash for a few days and hide out from her jealous ex-boyfriend.  She broke up with him, but he didn’t take no for an answer. Mike told her sure, you can hang here, but you better let me at that sweet pussy of yours. She didn’t even bat an eye, just went to the bedroom and peeled off her clothes and told him well, cum and get it;)

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  • Mikes Apartment: Ashley

    Aug 17,2008

    Mikes Apartment: AshleyFlamin Fuck Batman

    This firey redhead is Ashley and she is burnin hot. She can’t wait to feel the thickness of a big cock as it tools her phat pussy and leaves her gasphing for air. When Mike saw her he was amazed and couldn’t wait to trade her sex for a night in his apartment. Would this horny slut put out for a night at Mike’s? Fuck Yeah! She is a hot little Ho and she knows it!

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  • Mikes Apartment: Maria

    Apr 20,2008

    Mikes Apartment: MariaRoom For Rent

    pricetag a tad bit of anal and watching you masturbate! Do you think anyone would answer that ad? That was Mike’s thought. It wasn’t 2 hours later after it got ran in the paper that Maria called and asked to see the room.  When arrived this hot brunette checked out the room and then checked out Mike’s muscle and agreed to rent the room on the conditions that he specified.  Watch as this horny brunette gets on the couch and fingers that pretty pink pussy while Mike strokes his cock waiting to bust that tight pink ass of hers.

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  • Mikes Apartment: Leanna

    Jan 20,2008

    Mikes Apartment: LeannaLeanna Needed a Bed

    Leanna was out in the cold. She had to find a place to stay for a few days and when she saw Mike’s ad in the paper, she called him up right away and arranged for a meeting. When Mike saw her and agreed to have her stay over. His other roomie Renato found her in the shower cleaning off the street grime and hopped right in to give her a hand. She didn’t mind at all, esp when she found him fingering her tight pussy and making her moan and cry out to get a good puddy pounding. She got ever inch she could have wanted and her pussy was creamy and clean by the end.

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  • Mikes Apartment: Johanna

    May 31,2007

    Mikes Apartment: JohannaCrazy Bitch
    I was shocked at Leon’s choice for a girlfriend. She was very sweet and bent over backwards to help us, but she wasn’t quite with it. I think she was a few breaths short of full balloon. The good part is that she didn’t mind that she had to show and give us some ass so that she and her boyfriend could stay for a few days while their new apartment got painted. She had a nice ass, perky tits, and a very wet pink pussy that wrapped itself around that thick meatstick.

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  • Mikes Apartment: Jenifer

    Aug 25,2006

    Mikes Apartment: JeniferBlonde and Her Dildo
    This weeks renter at Mike’s Apartment is a cute blonde named Jenifer. She was all into playing with her pussy so when Mike asked her for some payment, she whipped out a purple dildo and went right to work. She didn’t use any of Mike’s toys, because she had this purple one that really turned her on and got her off…You’ll wanna watch the free trailer on this one man.

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  • Mikes Apartment: Maria

    Apr 29,2006

    MikesMike is now Rumor Material
    All the girls at the local college know the deal about Mike. If you are in some money straights and need a place to chill for a while, then head over to Mike’s Apartment. He doesn’t ask for rent cash just a little booty. You can fuck yourself with fingers or get banged and still have a place to crash. They met Maria at the busstop and once they got this bitch home they stuffed her mouth with cock so she would shut the fuck up.

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  • Mike’s Apartment: Mandi

    Mar 26,2006

    Mikes Apartment: MandiShe Got a One Night Stayover- Mike Got Hot Ass
    Mike think he should be on the show “the apprentice” He thinks he can sell anyone anything. He’d make a good car salesmen. He talked Mandi here into getting one night at his place free as long as she showed him that tight ass, and once she did that he touched, played and tapped that bitch just how he wanted her. Maybe he is a good salesmen? He got this hot brunette just where he wanted her.

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  • Mikes Apartment: Adrianna

    Feb 22,2006

    MikeIs Masturbation Cheating?
    Adrianna answered Mike’s ad and wanted a spot to hang for just a night. She also admitted her boyfriend was 100 plus miles away and didn’t wanna cheat on him, but agreed that rubbing, and finger fucking her pussy for the Mike and his camera wasn’t really cheating was it? It must not be because Mike has some slammin video of her finger fucking that tight pink pussy.

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