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Manuel Uncut: Kylie Ireland

May 17,2011

Manuel Uncut: Kylie Ireland

If you had a sexy secretary like Kylie Ireland at your side you wouldn’t get much work done. This succulent red-head has it all going for her. Big soft tits, long sexy legs, and a sexual appetite to match your own! Yum!

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  • Manuel Uncut: Eva & Carly

    Nov 7,2010

    Eva and Carly at Manuel Uncut

    Horny sluts Eva and Carly are shocked when they meet Manuel and his huge uncut slab of meat. They have to take turns riding that monster dick and feeling it rip those pussies apart.  They both have a hard ride and leave walking funny.

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  • Manuel Uncut: Tia

    Aug 17,2010

    Manuel Uncut Tia

    Tia is a hot nasty slut with a fine round ass and some serious cock sucking skills.  Watch as she deep throats that big monser cock and comes back for more and more!  You won’t want to miss this bitch devouring hard cock.

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  • Manuel Uncut: Candy Mason

    May 23,2010

    Candy is dandy, but sex won’t rot your teeth.  You can have the best of both worlds when you run across a blond bombshell like Candy Mason.  If those big tits and find round ass don’t get your dick hard then nothing will.  Manuel loved it when Candy came by and demanded that he fuck that wet pink pussy… He couldn’t resist and she loved that big uncut cock of his.

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  • Manuel Uncut: Riley

    Apr 14,2010

    When you have a beautiful blond like this one that seems to have walked out of a swimsuit edition you can’t help but get a rock hard cock.  That is exactly what happened to Manuel, and Riley had  heard all about Manuel’s monster cock, so these two were made for each other.  She loved feeling that big dick squeeze its way into her tight pussy and he loved that beautiful blond’s big tits bouncing and swaying while he rocked her world with his hard meat.

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  • Manuel Uncut: Sandra Romain

    Feb 8,2010

    When you go out wearing something like tihs you have to expect to have your pussy banged.  This hot little tramp was on hand to help Manuel as he looked for a new apartment.  When he saw that banging ass all thoughts of a new place to hang is hat left and he stripped this little ho and banged her slick pussy with his monster cock.

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  • Manuel Uncut: Sheila and Heidi

    Dec 21,2009


    These two bitches were having a contest. Who has the biggest roundest ass.  When they can’t quit fighting Manuel comes by to give them the ass test.  He gets those hot sluts naked and then bangs them both before announcing they are tied, they both have a sweet tight ass.

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  • Manuel Uncut: Chelsie & Aubrey

    Nov 12,2009


    This guy gets the hottest chicks to suck on that huge uncut cock of his.  I am gonna have to start hanging out with this dude.  Just look at those cock hungry bitches as they share that big dick.  They love that cock and it buries itself into both those pink slippery pussies. What a lucky guy!

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  • Manuel Uncut: Francesca

    Sep 28,2009


    Manuel was ready to go, but his sexy slutty friend wasn’t.  When she came down the stairs in nothing but purple and yellow lingerie his uncut cock bounced to attention and instead of going out, they spent the day fucking in every room in his huge monster house until they were all broken in properly.

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  • Manuel Uncut: Nika

    Jul 26,2009


    When Nika comes calling at Manuels she doesn’t hear him inside. She figures she will sneak in and suprise him with her naked ass when he gets home. She uses his shower to clean up and smell good, and that is when Manuel came home to wet and horny Nika. He grabs that beautiful bitch and bones her hard.

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