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Latin Adultery: Rio

May 16,2006

LatinRio’s Hubby is getting out of prison soon
That is both good and bad. Wait till he finds out his married princess has been sleeping with Sancho his best bud. This won’t be pretty. Rio tries to make Sancho feel better by sucking his thick cock and fucking him hard, but I’m no sure that is gonna save his ass in two weeks when Eddie gets out of prison!

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  • Latin Adultery: Julliette

    Apr 14,2006

    LatinJulliette’s a Whore
    What do you do when your husband loses his job? What happens when your in a position to lose everything you love? Not your husband of course, but your fancy house, nice clothes and smoking car? You use your own body to keep your man’s job and to get a better pay increase. That is if you are this hubbys wife Julliette. She is a real whore, plus she has wanted to bang this guys thick cock for years, so now is the right time.

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  • Latin Adultery: Nikki Nievez

    Feb 16,2006

    Latin Adultery: Nikki NievezTrying Black Meat
    It’s no suprise that every woman wants to see what kind of thick rod a black man is carrying. Nikki is no exception; she doesn’t even notice that Maxx is telling her how he whooped her husband at tennis. She is just wondering what he has in those tight pants of his. He will soon show her his thick cock up close and pounding personal. To the winners come the spoils right? That score entitles him to score big with the blonde wifey.

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  • Latin Adultery

    Feb 4,2006

    Latin AdulteryLatin Adultery
    These naughty Latin housewives are terribly lonely when hubby isn’t home. They also like young American cock and they go out of their way to find it and use it. They don’t stop at young cock either, they also like to do some rug munching and toy play. Its not just when hes away, but when he cheats on them, or they just have a sudden craving for strange cock. This is one wild ass site if you like Mature Latin honeys that just can’t get enough cock and pussy to satisfy them.

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