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Housewife Bangers: Mrs. Sin

Sep 22,2007

Housewife Banbers: Mrs SinPriscilla
is Mrs. Sin

If Eve was anything like Mrs Sin, its not wonder that Adam took a huge bite
out of that apple. She is so sinfully sexy and she knows how to work her eyes,
and those bouncy boobies of hers. She will definately get your attention. She
couldn’t wait to get home and show her husband exactly how much she loves him
with those big fat titties and that wonderfully talented mouth of hers. She
loves her mans cock and the fact he fucks her four times a day.

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  • Saturday
    Jul 14,2007

    Housewife Bangers: MargaritaMagaretia Shaken not Stirred
    This hubby is an idiot. A total gambler that doesn’t think with his head, just his addiction. In this weeks poker game he is down and really thinks his hnad is the best, so he bets his wife in the game. One good hard fuck for the buy in. He gets it, and he loses big time. He had 4 3’s but the guy betting against him had 4 9’s. What a fucktard! Well his wife is the one that has to pay, and he gets to watch as his poker buddy licks and nibbles at her tasty tits and then pounds her pussy with his thick cock. Poor hubby his wife is really loving the action and crying out for more more more!

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  • Housewife Bangers: Kayla

    Apr 26,2007

    Housewife Bangers: KaylaAccident Prone
    This stupid guy was driving around without insurance and hit Bill’s car. Man o Man is he fucked. He has no idea how to pay for that major fender bender. Well he is in luck! Bill has always wanted to see Kayla fuck a stranger. This is the prime opportunity for everyone to get what they want! Kayla is not into this at first, but once Mike starts munching her pretty mature pussy. She gets so wet that he just slips in his thick cock and her husband is stroking and enjoying the show.

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  • Housewife Bangers: Sadie

    Nov 29,2006

    Housewife Bangers: SadieWisdom To Live By
    Never borrow money from your friends unless you know you can repay it fast!!! Ed ended up owing Frank a huge chunk of change and Frank got tired of waiting on it! He liked the way Ed’s wife looked and decided he’d take that loan money back in cock sucking and pussy riding his friends wife! She didn’t seem to mind as he gave that pussy a work out and shoved his cock deep into her mouth, although I think that Ed wasn’t to keene on it all! I don’t think Ed will be asking for any more loans soon!

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  • Housewife Bangers: Jayda

    Sep 28,2006

    House Wife Bangers: JaydaSlutty Blonde Swinger Gets Swung
    Jayda and her studly husband are into swinging big time, and have been searching around the web for that perfect cock. They think they found what they are looking for at Housewife Bangers, and it sure seems that way when Jayda and this stunt cock get down and dirty with some pussy pounding action and wet cum sprays.

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  • Housewife Bangers: Phylisha

    May 10,2006

    HousewifeAlan and Phylisha
    This hot couple is looking to spice up that love life just a bit more; from stokin to red hot flamin. These two couldn’t wait to get Phylisha to the crib. Alan wanted to watch his beautiful blonde bitch get fucked and toyed with by strange cock. That is exactly what she got. That tight pink pussy was licked, sucked, fucked and even Alan got in on the action helping out where help was needed. This is a episode you won’t wanna miss!

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  • Housewife Bangers: Cherrie

    Apr 8,2006

    Housewife Bangers: CherrieStrange Cock in Tight Cherrie
    Kris brought Cherrie to House Wife Bangers this week because she has been asking about getting some strange cock and extra action for a long time. Kris is pretty open minded and thought what the fuck why not. What will Kris think when his wife gets a huge meat stick pounded into his wifes pussy? Will he react with jealousy or will he pop his cock out and start strokin? Tune in and find out.

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  • Housewife Bangers: Trinity

    Mar 4,2006

    Housewife Bangers: TrinityWhat You Won’t See In Las Vegas
    Wives being fucked by strangers while the hubby watches from the bedside. This couple wanted to try a little bit of swinging action. They called up the Housewife Bangers and they found a compatible match. The hubby grabbed a chair bedside and was down to watch all the action. After this fuck session I’m not sure if hubby is down to do this again or not. This is some wild ass fucking shit you gotta check it out.

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  • Housewife Bangers: Amber

    Feb 12,2006

    HouseWife Bangers: AmberHubby Won’t Give It Up
    Frusterating is what Amber is. Her husband just won’t get it up and pound her pussy the way he used to. They came to see if someone over there could make Amber’s pussy happy again with a little pussy eating and banging. They were more then willing to help her and give her husband some ideas of how to take care of her. I think hubby learned a few moves and hearing Amber moan and slick down another guy’s cock motivated him.

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  • Housewife Bangers

    Jan 29,2006

    Housewife BangersHousewife Bangers
    These guys pimp their wives out for some much needed cash. They have blown the nest egg for rent because they were gambling to much or drinking it up. One way or another they lost and these guys win the wives. They watch in shock and dismay as the married sluts love that new cock in their pussy. These loser husbands have played and lost not only their pride, but also their wives for a good hard fucking at their expense.

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