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Jul 26,2007

House Wife One on One: Mrs BannerHousewife Harlot
Wow! Mom’s when I grew up were never this fucking hot! Holy Smokes! This pretty sundrenched housewife is a real slut and it doesn’t even show. She wears sweet housewife type clothes and you would think she is innocent as the driven snow, but thats not the truth. She loves to fuck, an to fuck hard! She loves to have that pretty pink pussy split wide open with a thick old meatstick before, and after making her hubby some dinner.

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  • Housewife 1 on 1: Mrs. Page

    Jan 18,2007

    Housewife One on One: Mrs. PagePorn on Hubbys Computer
    It is amazing what women find when they really go looking. Mrs. Page finds a ton of hardcore porn pictures on her hubbys computer, but instead of being angry she gets wet an excited and wants to try out those new positions. She was very intrigued with the woman that liked to lick and play with her own pussy. She decides that she wants to taste her own pussy and the fun starts there. Won’t hubby be suprised?!!> Check out this dirty houewife.

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  • Wednesday
    Oct 25,2006

    Housewife One on One: Mrs: EmiliannaBeautiful Blonde with Nice tits
    Sometimes suprize parties just don’t turn out the way you plan them. Emilianna wanted to suprise her sister and bro with a suprise party. She also hears that he has been having a bit of a problem with getting his cock up. Well here she is super sister to the resque and works her hands and mouth to get him up. Whoops Suprise Sis!

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  • Sunday
    May 14,2006

    HousewifeHer Visa’s Running Out Fast
    This blonde slut’s VISA is running out and she needs to marry her boyfriend to stay in the USA. She has come up with a plan to make him marry her by fucking his brains out over and over again until he decides he can’t live without her tight pussy. I think this m ight just be the right plan shes such a slut and a damned good one at that. She loves to fuck his cock so he is gonna be walking funny tommorrow and maybe engaged! Click here and watch her fuck him stupid.

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  • Housewife Bangers: Mrs. Will

    Apr 14,2006

    HousewifeHubby is Away
    Scarlet gets bored, her husband is away so often that its not funny. It doesn’t matter when he is home, he does’t give her tasty pussy the attention that it needs so she has had to look outside the marriage to find a steady lover with a thick hard cock that can give her pussy the attention it needs. Today is no different, after eating some breakfast muffins her lover will eat that tasty married pussy muffin.

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  • Housewife 1 on 1: Mrs Wynn

    Mar 11,2006

    Housewife 1 on 1: Mrs WynnShe Just Can’t Drive
    Mrs. Wynn’s husband is furious again, his cute wife just can’t seem to be able to drive. This is like her 7th accident in 2 months. She’s gonna run over the dog one of these days. He is thinking about taking her car keys away from her. She can’t have that, she has to shop and bang around town. She is down on her knees begging him an sucking his hard cock. Think it will work?

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  • Housewife 1 on 1: Mrs. Starr

    Feb 15,2006

    Housewife One on One: Mrs StarrMrs. Starr is Hott
    Mrs. Starr seems to be of two minds. She just got a raise and promotion, but it means ending her European vacation. She loves the money, so its not to bad of a deal. Mr. Starr still seems to leave her alone for long periods at a time. That means she will seek out more hot strange man meat just like she loves. Don’t worry these guys got some strange dick just for her. They will pump that pussy and fuck that mouth just like she loves.

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  • Housewife 1 on 1

    Feb 4,2006

    HouseWife 1 on 1Housewife 1 on 1
    This site shows what happens when you negelet your wife. Good lessons to you guys that are married and single. Do not neglet the sexy woman at home or she will find someone that won’t! These hot MILF housewives find the sexual release they need in the strangers that come by the house. It doesn’t matter if its the cable guy or the trashman they will fuck them till they scream.

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