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Hot Bush: Kaitlin

Oct 26,2010

Hot Bush: Kaitlin

Kaitlin is a super sweetie with a great personality.  She believes in keeping it real.  She isn’t a fan of a full hairy muff, but she likes a little fur so she trims that pretty pussy.  Her boyfriend loves that furry muff and pounding it hard until he leaves his hot jizz deep inside.

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  • Hot Bush: Sindee

    Sep 20,2010

    Sindee has a great love for cock, and this horny stud has a great love for wet sticky bush.  He gets his wish when Sindee strips naked and rides his face like a two dollar whore on Friday night.  He loves that sweet sticky pussy and she loved having that big dick stuffed into her tight pussy.

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  • Hot Bush: Violet

    Aug 2,2010

    There is nothing better than room service, unless it is delivered by a fiery red-head with a fuzzy bush.  This guy is in 7th heaven when he gets steamy food and pussy brought to him by this gorgeous big titty angel.  He devours that pussy with his cock, and has her lovely girl juice for dessert.

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  • Hot Bush: Sasha

    Jun 21,2010

    What a gorgeous babe red-headed Sasha is. This hot slut would melt even the hardest chocolate and leave it blistering in the heat.  Check out how she takes on those two cocks one uncut and one cut and ready to fuck.  She devours them all and then goes back looking for 2nds!

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  • Hot Bush: Kimberly

    May 17,2010

    This is one gorgeous babe and she has a fantasticly well manicured bush.  She isn’t sure about her bush, and she keeps seeing everyone else with shaved pussies.  Her doubts are about to be changed when this personal beautician comes out to the house.  He takes one look at her gorgeous body, well manicured bush and decides to show her how great it is.  He fucks that beautiful pussy until she is soaking wet and her self-esteem has been raised.

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  • Hot Bush: Lynn

    Mar 14,2010

    When this cutie was walking in the rain a big truck rushed by splashing her with water soaking her to the bone.  The guys couldn’t let this beautful hottie be soaking wet, so they stopped the truck and gave her a ride back to her house.  They walked her to the door and she invited them in for their trouble.  She had no trouble stripping out of her wet clothes, and once they saw that fuzzy muff they went crazy and fill her up with meat.

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  • Hot Bush: Lexi

    Jan 29,2010

    There is something about a girl in glasses that just turns guys on.  Check out this lovely blond and her cute glasses.  They make her look innocent and smart, but the only thing this cutie is smart about is big monster cocks.  She loved having her shaved pussy filled with dick and even gobbled that meat until it gave her a creamy mustache.

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  • Hot Bush: Bobbi

    Dec 15,2009


    This luscious brunette has a bangin body and a gorgeous pussy that is full of hair.  She is one horny slut and when this guy follows her home she invites him in for a drink and a hard ass fucking that leaves her spread wide and walking funny.

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  • Hot Bush: Laurie

    Oct 31,2009


    Just check out this luscious hot bush that Laurie has to show us.  This bitch loved having her ass tooled as she pulled hard on her pussy hair.  Just look at her eyes she is fucked up the ass and is loving every damn moment of it.

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  • Hot Bush: Lexxy

    Sep 10,2009


    The bush is back and sexy Lexxy has a gorgeous pussy with a full head of hair.  This sexy hary bitch loves to have her fine pussy filled with the thickest of meat, and she gets it when this monster cock comes knocking on her wet slit. Watch as she moans and begs for a hard fuck and a face full of wet slime.

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