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Oct 28,2007

Her First Lesbian Sex: Nikki Kane and Kara BarePink Wet Pussies and Toys
We all love those new virgin lesbians that Her First Lesbian Sex brings us, but whats even better is when they bring in a virgin hottie and some hot sex toys to go along with it. Nikki and Kara bring Sear into the know as they teach this little hottie all about getting her pussy eaten and the joys of having another girl use sextoys to make her cum hard and multiple times. Once she sees the skills that Kara and Nikki have she puts her own tongue to the test and gives just as good as she gets so there is wet pink pussy everywhere you turn.

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  • Friday
    Jul 13,2007

    Her First Lesbian Sex: Hannah and MarinaScrew Men Give me the Pussy
    Thats whot our hot Hannah has to say. This week anyway. She just got fucked over by her last boyfriend and when she meets Marina in the bar, they have a total bitch session about the problems with the men in the world. Why do they need them anyway! They know they can do everything for themselves that men do including the sex. This leads them out on the street, to the toy store where they buy a strap-on and then head back to the apartment. You’ll see in this hot scene that these two have the total sex down. They won’t need a man to fuck them they have a strap on and those tasty teasing tongues the better to lick each other with.

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  • Monday
    Mar 5,2007

    My First Lesbian Sex: SammieShy Sara Turns Bad Girl
    Samme is a bad girl. She is a naughty little sex freak and she is out to prove that there is no good girl. That it is just a fucking myth. She goes out and grabs smokin hot Sammie. She grabbed a jelly dong and started licking shy Sara’s pretty pink pussy. It wasn’t long until Sara went from shy to slutty and gave Sammie a run for her bad ass money. This turns into a all out pussy eating party. These two cute hot bitches become the best of friends both in and out of bed thanks to Sammies going out and grabbing this shy babe.

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  • Saturday
    Apr 8,2006

    Her First Lesbian Sex: HollyLesbian Nursing 101
    This nursing student had seen lots of pussy in her training. She has never however gotten this close to a tight pink pussy or had the opportunity to feel it or lick and munch on it. That is where Ariana comes in. She meets our nursing student and gets to know her much better. She shows her how to finger a nice pussy and gives her the fine art of pussy licking. She gives Holly a new understanding of the words “bedside manner”.

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  • Saturday
    Mar 4,2006

    Her First Lesbian Sex: ChloeKissing Brunettes
    Chloe wanted a makeover and she loved having herself totally remade and she was having a blast. She was hotter then ever when the makeup and make over was done. She had no idea she was gonna end up kissing another sexy brunette or licking her pussy. It didn’t take much more then a quick stroke to her nipples and a licking tongue in her pussy to make her get down and start doing some rug munching of her own.

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  • Sunday
    Feb 12,2006

    Her First Lesbian Sex: FranchezcaBrunette Kiss Swapping
    Tia was ready to find her some new pussy to eat out and rub titties with. The guys here helped her hook up with a pretty pussy in Southern California named Franchezca. Shes one hot brunette and had never had that special one on one loving with another woman. We soon took care of that and shes amazing at pussy eating. Just check her out.

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  • Sunday
    Jan 29,2006

    Her First Lesbian SexHer First Lesbian Sex
    These guys are always making nasty girls do something for the first time. This time they are searching out and finding sluts that have never licked or had their pussies licked by other chicks. They do some protesting of how wrong this is, but when they get that pussy licked and fucked with a strap-on they cry out and scream as they cum to another womans tongue. This shit was freaking fantastic.

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