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Her First Anal Sex: Crissy

Jan 26,2008

Her First Anal Sex: Crissy MoonGroovy Moon

Who ever thought that honesty would get a cock a good pounding from a tight virgin ass? These guys went up to this hottie and told her that they were hoping to get laid today. Instead of getting smacked like they expected she smiled and said HElLL Yeah! They got her back to the pad and found out she had a tight virgin ass and that she wouldn’t mind giving anal sex a try. These guys pounded that pretty pink pussy and split that tight ass wide open.

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  • Her First Anal Sex: Jayna

    Sep 21,2006

    Her First Anal Sex: JaynaHardcore Honey Gets Ass Shot
    *eg* not with a gun, she gets a loaded cock though ready for action. This little slut was just itching to have her tight teen pussy filled with cock meat, and she got more then she bargained for with this crew. She had her tight pussy drilled and then flipped over and that little apple bottom tapped for the first time.

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  • Her First Anal Sex: Ricki

    Jul 18,2006

    Her First Anal Sex: RickiTwo to Get Ready and Plow Plow Plow
    This week at Her First Anal Sex a mighty duo hits the streets and finds Ricki out in the Southern California Sun. They invited thsi hot brunette home for some fun in the crib. She loves to fuck and suck, but watch her pretty mouth form a huge “o” as her asshole is violated for the first time.

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  • Her First Anal Sex: Sativa

    May 8,2006

    HerFirst21yr old Ass Virgin
    You have to love finding a slut on the rebound. That is a guaranteed winner for a fucktastic day. This latina whore just got ditched by her ole man and she was looking to just fuck someone until she couldn’t walk. These guys got that spicy pussy hot and wet and when she was asked about getting that tight ass fucked she wasn’t feeling it, but no matter she did after she had that virgin ass pounded. She got what she wanted; to not walk straight for a week.

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  • Her First Anal Sex: Katrina

    Apr 7,2006

    Her First Anal Sex: KatrinaKatrina’s a Screamer
    The ass duo finds yet another pretty tight booty to destroy this week. They did some sweet and fast talking to get Katrina to head back to the fuck pad for some hardcore pussy and ass poppin action. She wasn’t really ready for that thick cock to be banged tight in her ass, but she screamed and took it like the good slut she is and begged for more.

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  • Her First Anal Sex: China

    Mar 3,2006

    Her First Anal Sex: ChinaVirginal Ass of Eighteen
    The guys found this cute Asian babe hanging out in little China and in distress after a L.A. disaster. The only disaster this chick was gonna get was an ass disaster, but of course the guys didn’t tell her that. They just encouraged her to come with them back home and relax and get her chill on. It wasn’t to long after that they talked her into letting them taste that chocolate pussy and tap that virgin ass.

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  • Her First Anal Sex: Taryn

    Feb 11,2006

    Her First Anal Sex: TyranBooty Banged Brunette
    This brunette was ready for anything and she was a hottie. The spelunkers of assmeat found her doing some exercizes in the park and they knew that ass needed drilling right off the bat. They got her involved in an interview and soon they had her at the pad and ready, willing and soon able to have that ass tapped. I hope she did some stretching exercizes because this ass is gonna be stretched hard and long.

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  • Her First Anal Sex

    Jan 26,2006

    Her First Anal SexHer First Anal Sex
    Virgin booty ass. Come along with these guys as they find hot sluts on the street that haven’t had that booty tapped and show them what its like to hae a nice ass fucking. They break these ass cherries hard and wide turning these bitches into anal sweeties. These guys ass fuck blondes, brunettes, Asians, black all bitches and all ready to get some hot hard cock rammed up those asses until they scream out in pleasure.

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