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May 10,2008

Guys never piss off your beautiful blonde girlfriend! This hot blonde with smokin eyes and tight body was one pissed off bitch. Her boyfriend did something that made those eyes sparks and her mind rev. She called up the guys at Giants Black Meat White Treat and asked them to fuck her until she couldn’t walk. She wanted to show that fuck of a boyfriend she didn’t need his losey cock, that anyone would want to fuck her and that she loved to fuck. She was a bit shocked at that giant wood, but she went ahead and had her mouth destroyed and her pussy split wide open to get even with her dick of a man.
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  • Friday
    Jul 6,2007

    Giants Black Meat White Treat: LexiRe-union in the Park
    The guys saw Lexi in the park and couldn’t believe it. They went to school with this fine looking bitch. At that time noone could date that hot slut. She couldn’t or wouldn’t put out during high school. Well after the inital hellos and telling each other what they have been doing since high school, they invite her back to the crib. They tell her about how they have this new site and that she could be the next white treat. She is into it and man she has some mad sucking skills.

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  • Tuesday
    Mar 20,2007

    Giants Meat White Treat: VanessaTwenty Year Old Cock Hound
    Vanessa is only twenty years old, but she knows what she wants. She likes a thick black cock anytime of anyday. She was in her truck fighting to get it unlocked when the guys found her. The guys offered to help, but all the phone numbers for lock smiths were at the crib, so she rode back with them. When she saw that giant cock all thoughts about the keys in the truck went out her pretty little head and it was filled with gobbling down a cock and having him fuck her pink hole.

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  • Friday
    Dec 29,2006

    Giants Black Meat White Treat: KissyKissy This Massive Black Cock
    This little slut was pushing her cart to her car full of goodies. The guys snuck up on her while she was putting the groceries in the trunk. She was talking to them about how much it costs to buy groceries and how broke she was from doing that. It wasn’t long untl they told her about the green she could make by fucking that big fat cock and she agreed. She was a bit worried when she saw the size of that mammoth meat, but she soon was taking it all like a true whore.

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  • Thursday
    May 25,2006

    GiantsSuprised Her Ass
    This chick had no clue that she was about to get to suck the shit out of a thick ass black cock. They coaxed her in with a line about Daryl being to afraid to talk to her and she came inside to chat with him. She also had the hots for Daryl, so it wasn’t long before he let her see the sausage he was packing and her eyes bulged. She loved it though and although she couldn’t walk straight for awhile I think Daryl has a new bitch to play with.

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  • Sunday
    Apr 23,2006

    Giants21 and Already Addicted to Thick Black Cock
    This little white slut was having a bad day, no car, and she just missed her bus. She was almost in tears so when the guys came by and offered her a ride she just couldn’t refuse. She ended up riding back with them to the crib, and once she saw the size of the money wad she was naked and spread. She is now addicted to that thick black man meat and hard in your face cum shots. She is a true white slut and we love them like that don’t we.

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  • Sunday
    Mar 19,2006

    Giants Black Meat White Treat: Elizabeth Driving Through The Woods One Day
    oops wait, thats driving thru the hood one day. These guys met Elizabeth enough to give any man a thick woody. She was just walking thru the hood on her way to the store. The guys of course had to stop and talk to her, it wasn’t long till the promise of a huge thick cock got her to go back to the crib with them. She about popped an eyeball when she saw the size of that giant man meat. She took it like the slut she was and sucked that thick cock and took a pounding in that tight pussy and even begged them for more.

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  • Wednesday
    Feb 15,2006

    Giants Black Meat White Treat: Chelsi Twenty Year Old Tight White Pussy
    Chelsi does massage, she is new at it, but she came to the housecall of the guys hanging at the crib. She still needs to buy a few things for her self employment like a massage table. She quickly realizes the guys want more then massages and are willing to help her get her massage table for a nice thick cock shoved in her mouth. She is down with and come to find out shes a freak and loves that big black cock shoved in all those tight holes.

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  • Saturday
    Jan 21,2006

    Giants Black Meat White TreatGiants Black Meat White Treat
    Holy shit these guys got some big ass black cock! I was shocked and damn impressed when I surfed this site. These guys call the white whores they pick up and bang proper “black meat victums” you will see why when you see the size of these massive cocks busting into some white ass pussy and tearing it up. Katie who is 18 got sandwiched between to massive cocks and I doubt she could walk afterwards, this is one heavy fucking site you gotta check it out if you like black cocks fucking up white pussy.

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