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First Time Swallows: Tawni

Jul 11,2007

First Time Swallows: TawniHot N Sticky
This hottie is a taudry stripper at the local club by the guys. She grinds those heavenly hips each night before taking off her clothes showing a damn nice rack. She shows the whole world how she can ride a pole, and the guys wanted to know if she could ride a thick cock or not. She went home and got her face and pussy pounded and then the guys gave her a hefty load of white juice. I think she learned that you can dance for money, but its always better to leave wet and used.

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  • First Time Swallows: Aubry

    Feb 8,2007

    First Time Swallows: AubreyAmerican Lying Blonde
    This little piece of ass named Aubry was one lying little slut. She lied saying she could sing in hopes of getting a backstage pass to some action with a rock star. It turns out that lying gets you into trouble as Mark isn’t a rock star, but a porn star and he showed her how he makes beautiful women sing with his amazing cock. He had her audition on his thick cock and then choked her throat to show her what happens to lying sluts.

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  • Tuesday
    Sep 19,2006

    First Time Swallows: AddisonTastes Like Chicken: NOT!
    This cute brunette had never had the chance to suck on some monkey meat and have it squirt down her throat, so the guys at First Time Swallows thought hey we can help your sluty ass with that. They gave her the ole meat stick and let her suck and spit and swallow that sausuage until it was ready to pop and fill her whore mouth with man milk. She now knows it doesn’t take like chicken anymore.

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  • Wednesday
    Jun 14,2006

    First Time Swallows: MonicaInnocent Porn? Who is that Naive?
    Bootylicious Monica is! She thought she could just walk in buy a bit o porn and scurry off home. She got nabbed by the guy and he has her blushing and thinking about becoming the star of the porn instead of just watching it at home. Watch this little brunette get her world turned upside down and outside in as she sucks cock and gets a thick cum cocktail.

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  • Sunday
    May 7,2006

    FirstHungry For Work – Eat Cock
    This hungry looking brunette blew into the office begging the guys to do some work for them. They took one look at that fuckable mouth and announced they had some spit shine work to offer. She was so into it that she didn’t even ask spit shine what? It didnt’ matter she soon had a mouth ful of cock and sucked and spit shined until it came deep in her throat and she swallowed some jizz cocktails.

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  • Wednesday
    Apr 5,2006

    First Time Swallows: CassidyCock Grog Cassidy
    Cute and sassy Cassidy was bound and determined to have some man jizz today. She wanted a thick beef cocktail full of man sauce.The guys of course couldn’t be happier about finding a luscious babe to suck cock and drink some man jizz. This little slut got her tight pussy boned and pounded hard on the end of a big beef stick and a big shot of goo in her mouth. Watch her do some chugging.

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  • Thursday
    Mar 2,2006

    First Time Swallows: BailBailey Swallows
    This cute kinky blonde dreams of being a lingerie model. She is telling the guys all about how she thinks she’d be one hot lingerie model, when they think she’d be better sucking a thick cock and gargling some hot cum. They get her home and strip her kinky ass then get her the long meat pole for her to slide her sweet lips up and down on before taking her first big gulp of cum.

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  • First Time Swallows:Dyln

    Feb 13,2006

    First Time Swallows: DylnSweet Sucker
    Dylon was having problems getting into her car; she locked the keys inside. It is a good thing these guys happened by and saw her in distress. They were quick to jump to her rescue of course there is always a price to pay to the knights in shining armor. This day they took home sweet Dyln and pounded her sweet pussy and then gave her hot cherry mouth its first load of man jizz.

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  • First Time Swallows

    Jan 26,2006

    First Time SwallowsFirst Time Swallows
    Virgin mouths. This site features amateur sweethearts that have never tasted man nectar. This is an unreal site its amazing thelooks on these tight bitches faces when they swallow down big loads of cum. These sluts take that cock like pros getting asses, pussies and face fucked, then their first load of hot jizz explodes on their tongue. You gotta see this.

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