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Apr 13,2008

First Time Auditions: IsebellaFirst Time Licked for Cameras

This hottie is only eighteen and already a total sex freak. Yah she was a tad bit shy at the audtion, she took her sweet time taking off that skimpy outfit of hers.  When  someone brought out the babyoil she got into her sex zone and boy was she a freaky little thing.   Once she had her pretty pussy licked clean  and the oil applied this horny brunette wanted thick cock in all of her holes,  and she totally forget she was on camera getting her pussy pounded and her  face creamed with goo.

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  • First Time Auditions: Jen

    Jul 14,2006

    First Time Auditions:JenCover Girl For Maxims???
    Not yet, but that is what this sultry little blonde bitch wants to do when she grows up. She is only 18 years old so that could change, but right now thats her fantasy job. She admits she is animal lover and just adores any guy that has a huge bankroll and willing to spend some of those G’s on her. With those baby blue eyes, I can imagine she gets quite a few of those bankrolls, today however she got something else that was fat and it was a thick cock. Watch this blonde whore give up her pink tight pussy for a chance to be on a popular magazine.

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  • Friday
    Apr 28,2006

    CaptainCandis the gold digger
    This bitch wants to be on star search or American Idol or something where she can show the tv and audience her true talent, but the guys found out her true talent isn’t singing, or swinging some baton or other shit. This wicked little whore can suck cock better then a hoover and her tight little pussy loves to be stuffed with thick man muscle.

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  • Tuesday
    Feb 21,2006

    First Time Auditions: AllayahSlut that hates Whores
    Allayah answered the ad hoping for stardom. She revealed in the interview that she adores guys with puppies and is a sucker for money. She also stated that she despies hoes; yet she secretly desites to get banged on Howard Stern’s show. This chick is a split personality sexually. I guess maybe its ok to be a hoe, but only for her. She definately liked the idea of money and it didn’t take long before the guys were banging that blonde pussy and she enjoyed every min of it.

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  • Saturday
    Feb 4,2006

    First Time Auditions LorrieLorrie Adores Showing off her Ass
    Lorrie is the latest amtateur that came in and was filmed for the first time at First Time Audtions. They weren’t quite ready for this freaky bitch. She blew their minds away. Her biggest secret is that she wants to get Brad Pitt alone and show him her ass and get her freak on with him. You can check out her 219 pictures and 45 mins of freaky sex at First Time Auditions.

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  • First Time Auditions

    Jan 16,2006

    First Time Auditions First Time Auditions
    Chicks just wanna be famous. These guys placed ads in local newspapers in their area and its amazing the chicks that not only turned out, but what they would do on camera and to hard cocks to get to be a famous star. You have to check out this site with amateur sluts ranging from 18-25, they are true star chasers.

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