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Fast Times at NAU: Lexi

Nov 9,2008

Fast Times at NAU: LexiPretty in Ears

This pretty blonde Lexi wanted to be something fun for Halloween and decided to be everyones cute adorable bunny! Isn’t she adorable? She looks great with those pretty little ears.   She wanted treats and this guy fed her his big carrot which she greedily sucked into her wet mouth before splitting her pussy lips and getting boned hard and long.

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  • Fast Times At NAU: Kendra

    Oct 30,2006

    Fasttimes at NAU: KendraCampus Life is Always Nuts
    Are all blondes stupid? Well Kendra here sure don’t help to make them seem less dumb. She got caught doing nasty shocking shit on Trent’s webcam. He has the goods on this little slut. How does Kendra keep Trent to keep his mouth shut and his cam from sharing its dirty little secrets with the WWW??? Easy she spreads those thighs and rides the bologna pony and lets Trent shoot her face full of man goo!

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  • Fast Times At NAU: Tiffany

    May 13,2006

    FastDerek’s Hotass Booty Call
    Well its more like Tiffany called Derek for a hot hard prick to ease that painful buring for cock in her tight wet pussy. He comes on over, knowing exactly what this little tramp wants and he is up for it tonite. She hopes she doesn’t get caught because Derrick is banned from the dorms and got thrown out for breaking several college rules. She will do anything for that thick cock meat. Watch her suck those juices out of him and make him pound her tight pussy.

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  • Fast Times At NAU: Vixen

    Apr 14,2006

    FastFiery Redheaded Slut
    This chicks name is Vixen and its so fitting. This little whore loves to suck and fuck a good solid bone. She is almost rich, in fact she has a trust fund waiting for her. The only thing this little tramp needs to do is keep her C average and the money is all hers. She is pretty smart and the only reason she keeps her tutor around is to check out his hot body and watch him flex his muscles. Today is going to be the day she fucks him like the true whore she is, he just doesn’t know it yet. She is going to make him lay his pipe and then get those pipes cleaned out. She is such a hot bitch this should be a snap for her.

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  • Fast Times At NAU: Cindy

    Mar 10,2006

    Fast Times At NAU: CindyFree Pussy for Free Drinks
    Cindy is having a party this weekend, a huge bash and needs to find some cheap drinks. Trent has tons of alchohal and other hardcore drinks that his family sells. Cindy hops over to Trents dorm room to see what she can get for her Saturday bash. She is willing to give up that pussy and suck some cock for it. Trent’s gonna give her some hot cock, but the cool drinks. I guess it just depends on how good Cindy is at sucking cock.

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  • Fast Times At NAU: Roxy

    Feb 15,2006

    Fast Times At NAU: Roxy RushVirgin Ass Gets Tapped
    Rumor has it that Trent is very gentle when it comes to tapping that ass backdoor style. Roxy was pretty curiious if it was true and as an ass virgin she really is wanting ot have her ass poppped and see if the girls are right about how good it feels. She soon invites Trent over for a evening of cock sucking, pussy pounding and cherry popping action.

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  • Fast Times at NAU

    Feb 4,2006

    Fasttimes At NAUFast Times at NAU
    Winter break is over and school is back in session for these college chicks. They are learning more then just the books, they are learning some hard dick lessons. They are getting c’s in class, but getting major A’s and B’s in sex education at night. You can find some damn fine sluts here along with some great frat pranks and fucking. You have to check it out.

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