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Euro Sex Parties: Debbie

Apr 12,2008

Euro Sex Parties: DebbieBlonde and Brunettes Yummy

I love to watch chicks suck and  kiss on each other.   What is even better is if one is a blonde and the other is a brunette.   These two horny babes were more then happy when the guys invited them over to have a little “party”.  When the guys found Debbie she had a friend and these two loved touching each other, licking and fingering those pink tight pussies until the guys couldn’t stand it. Yeah they got a little rough being that excited, but the girls moaned and loved every cock pounding min.

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  • Saturday
    Sep 15,2007

    Eurosex Parties: Donabell and ReginaTwo on Two Party Head
    The guys had their party this week with two guys and two sluts. These two horny bitches had some huge ass titties that wanted and needed to be nibbled and sucked on. They couldn’t even wait for everyone to have had a shower and get clean before grabbing some thick meat and starting to gobble. Donabell and Regina were hot and sweaty and ready for some bed work. They were giving up as much as they got with some smack talk. Those asses were mighty fine too esp when they were getting banged from the reardoor.

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  • Euros Sex Parties: Rubin

    Jun 1,2007

    EuroSex Parties: RubinFleshy Rubin
    It’s hard to get laid when the chicks you are hanging with don’t speak English. Rubin didn’t speak english, but she spoke volumes about sex and getting laid. She was totally wet and ready wheb Renato went to lick her beautiful tits and her super wet pussy. She knew exactly what to do with that meat stick. Sandra and Angelika were there also and up for some hard pounding pussy action. They couldn’t wait to share Renato’s cock with Rubin. It was definately a Euro Sex Party.

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  • Euro Sex Parties: Anife

    May 3,2007

    Euro Sex Parties: AnifeEuro Slut Search
    Today the guys were hunting the streets of Prague in search of some booty banging sluts Euro style. They ran into thhis group of chicks and they seemed perfect. They were young, hot, energetic and seemed receptive to the flash of cameras and the slick talk the guys gave them. Anife, Sheila and Tina all took the bait and went back to the pad to relax, get warm and soon they had those tops off and those pussies were gushing wet and ready to be popped and pounded.

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  • Saturday
    Mar 31,2007

    Eurosex Parties: Three on TwoEuro Three on Two
    It was a cold winter day when the guys rean into these three sexy sluts. Those tits were large, full and totally freezing as the nipples were poking out thru the shirts. They took the girls home and well those round asses and shaved pussy was really giving the guys some thick hard wood. They didn’t have a problem getting that wood worked by these three sexy babes. They loved all the deep throating, dildo action and some real nasty shit. You have to just see it to believe it.

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  • Shoppin with Euro

    Jan 31,2007

    Euro Sex Parties: ChristineShopping for Pussy
    This episode features Tony and Renato as well as our Euro friend. They decided to try and find women that were out shopping and walking around town. They caught these two sexy babes shopping down the main road. The guys promised them tons of shopping later if they promised to come home with them. Of course they did and they had some nice natural titties and phat asses to go along with those pink pussies. They gave some awesome blowjobs and made them almost finish before tapping that pussy. Its a good thing these guys have some staying power!

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  • Monday
    Nov 27,2006

    EuroSexParties: TarraTesting out the Bed That Broke
    You know your busting some pussy when you break the fucking bed down! Thats what the guys did a few weeks back, so before they get that freak on they have to test out the bed before hand. They found these two hot sluts and before they laid some pipe they had them bouncing on the bed to test it for strength, little did these bitches realize it was because they planned on fucking those wet holes hard and fast. Don’t worry these two tarts loved every thick inch they got crammed inside.

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  • Euro Sex Parties: Eleanor

    Aug 23,2006

    Euro Sex Parties: EleanorPrudish Name Hot Pussy
    This cute babe has a name that would stop a clock. Its a good thing she is so damn hot and bangable. She hurt her tooties with some new in fashion shoes, and couldnt’ even get out of bed. Don’t worry Eleanor the guys have a foot doctor just for your feet. In comes Tony and Renato and they drag Linda along to look at her poor hurt foot. They quickly diagnose the foot, get everyone naked and pound that pussy until she is feeling much better with some man meat filling her up!

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  • Wednesday
    Jul 12,2006

    Euro Sex Parties:  TwinsIt is Fuck A Hot Blonde Day
    That is what the action was all about at this weeks Euro Sex Party. The guys went out cruizing for blonde chicks and found them! Vic knew some dirty slutty blondes and called them up and invited them over. These blonde twins knew exactly how to tease and please these guys. These were some definate dirty blondes. They knew when to tease and then how to please ohhh so damn good.

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  • Euro Sex Parties: Akropolisz

    Apr 28,2006

    EuroParties In Greece
    Yes, the Euro Sex Parties men have made it all the way to Greece! They found this hot little brunette that just loved their accents and was more then willing to show them what Greek mammas are alla bout. She also brought along a sexy little blonde bitch that was ready to party naked. The party started and didn’t end until late in the afternoon, the next afternoon that is!

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