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CumFiesta: Sativva and Rachel

Jan 18,2009

Cum Fiesta: Sativva and RachelSpicy Lesbian Munching

The room should have gone up in flames with the hot action between Sativva and her sexy friend Rachel. There is always something extremely hot about a blonde slut getting her pussy eaten by a brunette whore. They took turns sharing a big dick and even that thick gooey man batter. These two were a fantastic fuck. So get ready to get your kleenex, because this update is sizzling hot and will have you exploding like a mad man.

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  • CumFiesta:Ashlynn

    Aug 23,2008

    Cum Fiesta: Ashlynn32C-24-37

    Pretty Angelic Ashlynn proves she is no angel as she starts slowly by peeling off her sexy pink shirt to lick her pert nipples and fondle her big tits. She loves how they feel in her hands. When she saw that hard stud she stated cum here, pull my panties over and slide that big dick right on in and fuck me stupid!  She got her pretty pussy pounded and her mouth invaded with hard meat and sweet man goo.

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  • CumFiesta: Sativa

    Apr 6,2008

    CumFiesta::SatviaGirls Night Out

    These horny girls were looking for a night out on the town.  When they stopped by the guys house to get them to cum and hang out, the guys had a better idea.  They talked them into having a party at home, just the three of them.  Watch as these two brunette hotties lick and nibble on each other, those nasty tongues getting into all the right places.  When  they suck this guys thick cock and share the rain from above when he erupts like a cum geyser.

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  • CumFiesta: Lacey

    Jan 19,2008

    CumFiesta: LaceyThick Meaty Treat

    Lacey is a horny blonde slut that admits that she can’t stop thinking about cock. How great it feels in her mouth pounding her face making her gag. She is one blonde slut that can’t get enough cock to satisfy her horny face. She had a nice set of tits and a phat ass and just loved sucking on the thick log the guys gave her to gobble down. You have to love cock loving sluts like Lacey.

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  • Cumfiesta:Lucy

    Apr 28,2006

    Cumfiesta:Lucy’s Talented Mouth
    Lucy came to visit and she wanted more then to show everyone her cheerleading skills. She wanted to show her cock sucking skills. We love it when chicks Rah Rah Rah your cock till it makes the touchdown in their mouth!She got ahold of that dick and sucked like a true little whore. She couldn’t wait to get a hot load all over her face and down her throat and then started to suck that thick man meat again and and again.

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  • Cumfiesta:Mia

    Mar 26,2006

    CumFiesta: Mia Mia’s a Sex Nurse
    This sweet brunette has no formal training in making the grades at a hospital, but she sure does know how to make a sick man get over his cold and flu symptoms. She just shakes that tasty ass in your face and dips those yummy flesh mountains over your mouth. The best is when she slips that tight pussy over your pole and rides you that takes all the sickness right out of your body.

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  • Cumfiesta: Estelle

    Feb 3,2006

    Cumfiesta EstelleBlonde Cockhound
    Estelle is a hot little blonde tramp that couldn’t wait to get back to the pad and suck cock. She has the most innocent face, but the devilish mouth. She really knows what she is doing. She likes to tease with a slow strip tease, then when she is naked she goes right for the meat. She jumps at those jeans and unzips them and unleashes the meat monster. She doesn’t waste time wrapping lips around it and sucking like mad. Shes a definate hottie and a slut to boot what more can you want out of a bitch?

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  • Cumfiesta

    Jan 16,2006

    CumFiesta Cumfiesta
    You don’t have to go down south to have a fiesta party. You can check out this site where the amateurs are waiting to have a fiesta with hard cock. You can meet amateurs like Jamie who hadn’t been laid in over 4 months, and wore this guys cock out! She ended up with a hot load of fiesta sauce all over her face in the end though. If you like freaks and cum guzzling sluts then check out this hot site.

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