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Nov 24,2007

Couples Seduce Teens:  AngelinaLexi Interviews Again
This hot wife can’t seem to find a perfect personal assitant. Why? Well Lexi seems to think tha personal assistant also means personal pussy licker and cock lover. She ends up interviewing them with her hubbys cock and Lexi’s pink tongue. Angelina isn’t at first sure she wants anyones anything in or around her pink pussy, but after a few deep kisses and thick pumps she is ready to fuck and suck her way into that job.

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  • Tuesday
    Jul 10,2007

    Couples Seduce Teens: RomaRent Reduction
    Roma, is not from Rome or Italy, she is from the top apartment where this happy couple lives. She came over to visit alot, because she just liked hanging out with the hip couple. They were thinking the other night in bed damn, we should turn her on to sex and have a threesome! When she came over the last time they showed her different types of dildos, and she thought it was just art.! ! ! It didn’t take the couple long to teach her about dildos, how to use them and how to suck cock. You have to love the teen minds for learning so quickly.

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  • Sunday
    Nov 26,2006

    Couples Seduce Teens: Naive Alexis is Seduced Easily
    This cute teen was approached by this horny couple and started up a conversation easily. She is such a naive bitch. They were discussing hair color when Devon made her moves on this hot little slut. She invited cute Alexis home to help her put on her hair color and she agreed. When they got home she showed her how to apply her lips to her husbands thick cock and spread her legs to get pounded by a nice woody.

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  • Sunday
    May 7,2006

    CouplesHoly Shit Your Twisted
    This ginger is almost as naive as someone that was on Gilligan’s Island. She comes from a small town and the thought of fucking a couple just blew her fucking mind. She thought they were fucked up teasing until her shirt was being taken off then she was like fuck the back off. It took some major seducing to get this tight pussy undressed and riding on a thick cock while licking some tasty pink pussy from the Mrs.

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  • Wednesday
    Apr 5,2006

    Couples Seduce Teens: HaileyCute Blushing Hailey
    This super cutie hasn’t ever been in a situation quite like the one she found herself in today. She couldn’t believe what the man and woman were telling her that it was perfectly normal to fuck the husband and wife together. The wife was so excited that she was blushing and told her its ok we just have a lot to teach you today. Hailey gets her pussy licked by wifey and then fucked by hubby.

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  • Thursday
    Mar 2,2006

    Couples Seduce Teens: LexiLexi’s First Lesbian Experience
    Lexi is a friendly blonde that meets up with this couple at a local skating rink. Its not long before the couple realizes they have to have Lexi in their bed. It starts out innocent enough with a few sex questions about Lexi kissing a woman and soon it gets more involved. Its not long before Lexi gets her first lesbian kiss and has that blonde pussy eatin by the wife and pumped by the hubby.

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  • Thursday
    Feb 9,2006

    Couples Seduce Teens: JaquelineBlonde Banger
    This husband over heard his wife talking about things that turned her on that she had no clue about. So, Miky the husband went out and found this teen for his wife to enjoy. This is a definate seduce and suprise the wife! It makes for one hard cock and a wet pussy just like we like them. This little blonde teen gets warmed up and really puts out some hot pussy action once she does. Its worth a peek for sure!

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  • Thursday
    Jan 26,2006

    Couples Seduce TeensCouples Seduce Teens
    Horndogs thats what these couples are and craving some young teen pussy to spice up the sex life. They place ads in papers or pick up teens the old fashioned way with sexy pick up lines and take them home. Then they get them naked and licking pussy and taking the hubbies hard cock in her tight teen pussy. These amateur teens have no clue what hit them, but they are moaning and crying out for more and more.

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