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Jul 26,2008

College Wild Parties: Liquid CourageAmateur Rug Munching

When those college kids get into a party and drink an entire keg, well wild and crazy crap runs amok. This was a total chaotic party and the girls got wild, and wilder with all that golden beer making them have the courage to do things they wouldn’t normally do!  This cute brunette got on her knees and just started licking that pretty pussy while the guys watched beer in one hand cocks in the other!

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  • College Wild Parties

    Nov 4,2007

    College Wild Parties: 1103Sex in the Basement
    It was wild frat party again. We should be used to these, but on this night there was something for everyone just waiting around the door. There was a little dick sucking on one side, pussy eating to the other, lesbian munching down the hall and no matter where you turned you’d see some gorgeous babes offering up hot tits and wet pussies to be fucked and used like college whores. What more could you want at a frat party? Check out all the pics and videos for this set!

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  • Wednesday
    Apr 25,2007

    College Wild Parties: Riding the DonkeyTittie Bouncin College Parties
    It is party time again at the dorm house! Its wild and crazy as usual. There are tons of hot babes coming and coming and blowing guys loads after a thick cock gets bounced in that tight mouth. Don’t worry there is plenty of beer to go around and steamy lips to suck your wood. These wild bitches were so drunk they would fuck anything that came along in or out of the frat house. Check out the free trailer and see these wild fucking sluts. You won’t believe your eyes!

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  • Sunday
    Oct 22,2006

    College Wild PartiesParty Party Party Naked
    Its cold outside, but the party is inside now and the temps are heating up. The beer is flowing heavy and hard, and the chicks are taken off all those tops and titties were flying around. Beer and titties what more could you want in a college party? Oh yeah hot fucking sex, and this party had it. Tight teen pussies pounded with stiff co-ed cocks!

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  • Wednesday
    Jul 26,2006

    College Wild Parties: JulyParties are Hotter in July
    The party invitation has been written for everyone that loves hot spicy food and mucho caliente pussy to come watch this spicy Latin slut get her pink taco meat, licked, flicked and chewed. This is one party you don’t wanna miss. These bitches are off the hook as they do the Latin Hustle on some spicy thick cock action. Check out the free video clip.

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  • Sunday
    May 7,2006

    BigCollege FuckFest May!
    This week these co-eds are bouncing off the walls. Is it spring? beer? or just electric chemistry? That doesn’t matter what matters is that they are fucking wild ass shit and fucking each others asses off. You gotta check all these wild ass parties. They are always freaking outrageous. You have to watch these drunk bitchs fucking and sucking even the geeks next door!

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  • Tuesday
    Apr 4,2006

    College Wild Parties: After ClassWild Party Fans Love Party Pussy
    This week on College Wild Parties the guys find yet more tight college skank pussy. These chicks would make their fathers freak out if they knew what those college funds were really paying for. These chicks don’t wanna do anything but go to those wild parties where the guys supply the beer and they supply the tight pink pussy. They love to have that tight pussy pounded and destroyed at any and all of these parties.

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  • Wednesday
    Mar 1,2006

    College Wild Parties: Spring SpankSpring Spank 2006
    It’s the first annual Spring Spank. The beer and drinks were flowing in this weeks party bash. Then the paddles came out and you will see that there was some wild action happening during this college wild party. Large paddles and round asses along with tight pussies will have you drooling and your cock hard and ready to fuck the next spanked ass.

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  • Wednesday
    Feb 8,2006

    College Wild Parties: African AdventuresPick Up In Class
    Class pussy is amazing. You have to love the thrill of chasing down a slut in class and working hard to get that pussy. Thats what happened in this guys life he found some slut he was wanting to bang, and poured on the charm. Nope that didn’t happen, but she did show up at the party with her old man and they got busy right there and of course they got filmed for the site. Watch this black couple do some hot monkey sex on film.

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  • Wednesday
    Jan 25,2006

    College Wild PartiesCollege Wild Parties
    Check out the wild fucking parties these guys get to go to. There is more wild pussy then you can catch at the wild cat cage at the zoo. These chicks suck down to much beer and drinks and then wanna fuck someone’s brains out. Its a good thing our boys are there to catch the action on film and in pictures, because if they didn’t we might not believe some of the crazy shit these chicks can do.

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