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Coeds Need Cash: Bree

Jul 5,2007

Co-Eds Need Cash: Bree No Scholarship Cash
No matter what summer job this campus hottie gets she just can’t make enough money for everything she wants. She has a full course load and a part-time job and no cash in her pockets. It wasn’t hard to talk her into hitting the pad with the guys to make a fist full of money and get her rent caught up. She loves living off campus, but its eating her alive she tells the guys. Thats ok, they make her eat their cocks so she can pay the rent monster.

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  • Coeds Need Cash: Mindy

    May 23,2007

    Coeds Need Cash: MindyMindy’s Favorite Class
    College women are greedy. That is esp true when we are talking about college chicks. They think they have to have it all and look hot in all those classes that they take. They spotted Mindy as she was walking out of classes and caught up with her. She was even more needy then most. She wasthere on a scholorship and her parents don’t have the extra money to send her for college, no worries the guys are there with cash and cock.

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  • Coeds Need Cash: Kaci

    Mar 17,2007

    CoEds Need Cash: KaciKaci Needs Cash for School
    It is the same story every time. These college kids need cash for parties, books hell food and rent too. It never fails the guys always find some cute hot chick that needs to have a wad of cash and the guys have that wad well cash too. This firey redhead wasn’t an easy catch. They had to really talk her into it. Once they flashed all that cash, it was hard for her to say no. She had rent due and she couldn’t wait to suck that thick meat for that cash.

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  • Co-Eds Need Cash: Taya

    Nov 14,2006


    CoEds Need Cash: TayaFinancial Aid by Deep Throating Cocks
    The best place to find chicks that need cash is the financial aid office. Thats where the guys from Co-Eds Need Cash caught Taya. This sweet looking Asian nymph was more then ready to do what ever it took to get some green in her pockets. She was ready to have that hard cock thrust down her throat and loved getting her pretty little face fucked. She was quite the sex freak. You’ll love watching this little Asian slut fucking and sucking!

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  • Couples Seduce Teens: Melissa

    Jun 29,2006

    Coeds Need Cash: MelissaCock Sucking Break Between Classes
    The college that Melissa found here, wasn’t exactly making her budget she planned. There were tons of extra costs that she hadn’t planned on. You could say she was a bit extended. She was amazed and shocked with the cash came out and followed them all the way back to the apartment to fuck and suck and earn that money honey.

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  • Co-Eds Need Cash: Allison

    May 28,2006

    Coeds First Year at College
    Yes, another Allison! It seems today is filled with chicks named Allison! This little blonde is learning just how expensive it is to go to school. She didn’t think it would be this hard to get thru school and get the things you need to live. The guys gave her a college scholorship survey and when the cash came out, well her clothes came off and she got a thick hard cock in the mouth for her troubles.

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  • Coeds Need Cash: Jenny

    Feb 18,2006

    Coeds Need Cash: JennyCollege Funds
    Fucking for college funds wasn’t Jenny’s first choice in making the grades and the cash to buy books, pay for rent and other essentials at college. Her family just doesn’t have it and Jenny has been wondering how to get some extra cash to help cover expenses. She got a night job cleaning apartments and soon found the guys apartment. They let her lean the apartment, then those dicks needed some extra polishing and she was all over it once they rolled out the cash wad.

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  • Coeds Need Cash

    Jan 18,2006

    Coeds Need Cash Coeds Need Cash
    College is expensive. Just ask these chicks that are struggling to pay for books and partying at school. Mom and dad’s checks just don’t cover all those expenses including partys, thongs and books. These guys come along and offer these struggling sluts some cash to go back to the crib an have a cock party. Jordon wasn’t sure at first but once they flashed $1200.00 in her face she was ready and eager to get that party started. Check out all the starving college bitches over here that fuck for cash.

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