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Jul 4,2007

Casting Couch Teens: GabrillaModeling Ads Work
This tight brunette teen named Gabriella answered yet another of the guys modeling ads. It works over and over again. Each time a better teen model comes to try out. What a great thing they have going! This tight teen was ready willing and able to do whatever it took to be a model. Watch as she works all her teen attributes to be the next top model with these guys. She kneels down and sucks some cock with that fine ass sticking out and then gets pounded good and hard.

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  • Casting Couch Teens: Sasha

    Mar 23,2007

    Casting Couch Teens: SashaDog Walkers have perfect asses
    This hot brunette stopped by to check us out and find out if we needed our dogs walked. Man o man we needed something walked, but it wasn’t the dog. She was disappointed when we told her we didn’t have any dogs to walk. She wasn’t to sad when we told her that we were taking auditions for a new movie series. We didn’t tell her it was for a porn series, and she didn’t mind after the guys started fondling and tapping that fine pussy of hers.

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  • Casting Couch Teens: Renea

    Jan 22,2007

    Casting Couch Teens: ReneaMovie Audition Redhead
    This hot teen showed up for the casting couch teen movie auditions. The guys posted a notice that they were shooting for a movie. They didn’t say what kind of movie. This fiery redhead shows up with her smoking hot body, large titties and banging ass. She is perfect for what the guys are wanting. A nice hardcore pounding on that pink teen pussy. She didn’t want any part of having her pussy banged until the guys flashed some green for the shoot. Then she was down on her knees in no time.

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  • Monday
    Nov 13,2006


    Casting Couch Teens: AshleyBlonde Wants to be a Superstar!
    This slut of a blonde wanted to a superstar, not a model, not an actress, but a superstar. She gets to be the superstar in the pornworld and once the green came out she swapped her ambitions and decided to become a super star porn star slut. Watch her suck some thick cock and get her pussy banged on her first audition! This little blonde is quite the slut. Ashley is a porn superstar just like her little whore heart wanted! Check her out!

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  • Wednesday
    Jun 28,2006

    Casting Couch Teens: CameronEighteen and Ready for her Close Up
    This blonde aspires to be a star at the tender age of 18 and is ready to get her close up. She is a bit shocked when the close up they wanted was of her pussy. It isn’t suprising to realize she can’t dance, sing or act. She is gonna have to fuck her way to the top and after being offered 1,000 she was down on her knees singing a cock song.

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  • Sunday
    May 28,2006

    CastingYes another Stupid Teen
    Yet another teen falls for the ad in the paper for models. It seems every teen in the world has stars in her eyes and wants to be a glamour babe. She even left school early to get to the interview on time. She did some poses and then sat on the couch. Then the guys broke the news to her, showed her some cash and she got her pussy pounded hard.

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  • Friday
    Apr 21,2006

    CastingNew TV Series Interviews
    NOT!, but thats what cute perk little Jessica thought when she stopped by to see the guys at Casting Couch Teens. She couldn’t wait to be chosen for a new tv series. She was willing to do whatever it took to get the part. The guys also told her she had to be able to suck cock like a hoover and get that pink little pussy pounded and destroyed to get a good part. Did she worry? Nope, she got her ass naked and started sucking cock like the true little slut she was.

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  • Tuesday
    Mar 21,2006

    Casting Couch Teens: ChelseaBreakfast Cereal Trickery
    This cute blonde wants to be a commercial model so badly she can taste it. That is why she answered the ad in the local paper looking for chicks to help in a corn flakes commercial. She was told the newspaper made a mistake it was for Porn Flicks not Corn Flakes. She just about made it to the door before she realized how much moolah was flashed her way and needing that dinero she stayed, and tried out for the Porn Flicks.

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  • Sunday
    Feb 19,2006

    Casting Couch Teens: Christina18 year old Bikini Model
    This cute teen wasn’t real thrilled with the offer the guys gave her; she had arrived in regards to a bikini model job. The guys did flash a huge wad of the almighty dollar; then she changed her mind about the entire situation. She sucked on some cock, then took it in every position before she ended up with a face load of cum and a handful of green.

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  • Wednesday
    Jan 18,2006

    Casting Couch Teens Casting Couch Teens
    Auditions are open for fresh faces and new models. Thats how the ad reads and they get plenty of replies. These hopeful teen model wannabes show up at the office and learn that it is more then just a model call. Some wanna walk out but when Ben lands on the floor in a pile clothes come off fast and lips start wetting for a thick cock. The twin teens got me rock hard as I watched them get fucked together on the couch. You do not wanna miss these teens fucking for stardom.

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