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Captain Stabbin: Linzy

Aug 22,2006

Captain Stabbin: LinzyLinzy’s Big Boat Adventure
Captain sent his deckmates to the quickie mart for some ice, and there she was a smoking hot brunette that loves the sea. This 22 year old hottie was easy to get to go on a boat ride and to meet the Captain. She loved the boat and it wasn’t to long out to sea that she had that spankin body naked and banging as the boat rocked and swayed in the currents.

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  • Captain Stabbin: Sadie

    Jul 9,2006

    Captain Stabbin: SadieShocked By This Bitches Name
    This hot brunette whores name is Sadie. We took a double take because she is definately no dog! She was a bored little slut hunting the beach for some action. This bitch got the action she was seeking on the Captains Boat. You can check out all 245 pictures inside the site, and you have to check out the free video trailer its a hot. Here slutty slutty slut.

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  • Captain Stabbin: Leea

    May 31,2006

    CaptainFirst Mate Playmate
    its all the same to the Captain! This week he managed to find this slutty blonde playing around in her bikini. This little whore is only 22 years old and ready, willing and able to embark on a sea voyage that will make her walk bow legged for days. Watch as she takes on a new position on the sea. You’ll be amazed at how well she can do just about anything as long as she can use her hands, mouth and pussy to fuck and suck her way along the water.

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  • Captain Stabbin: Sunny

    Apr 26,2006

    CaptainForcast for today Sunny gets Wet
    It was a sunfilled day at the pier when the Captain and his first mate found this cute brunette pussy. She was just having fun enjoying the sun and wind when the Captain an his mate offered her even more fun by taking a great ride on his ship. What girl could resist a fun filled day at sea. She gets aboard and then things get a bit wet and rough as the Captain gets her pussy wet and pounds it hard and rough.

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  • Captain Stabbin: Shy

    Mar 24,2006

    Captain Stabbin: Shy Jammin at the Music Store with Bill
    Chicks get hot over a guy that can play an instrument. It means they are good with their hands and coordination. Well Shy wasn’t any different then any other slut. She loved it. Don’t let her name fool you she wasn’t shy when she got back to the Captains boat thats for sure.¬†She loved having her pussy and ass fondled and then pounded.

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  • Captain Stabbin: Devon

    Feb 21,2006

    Captain Stabbin: DevonIt’s Not the Love Boat
    Its the fuck boat, and this time it will be Devon a 25 year old brunette that takes to the high seas and unchartered waters of the hardcore Captain and crew. Devon was really getting her sea legs after the Captain and crew pounded that pussy and skull fucked her. She didn’t like was being put out to sea afterwards and left for the minnows.

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  • Captain Stabbin: Mary

    Feb 3,2006

    Captain Stabbin MaryMary makes us blow our loads
    Mary was checking out the hot tattoos with a friend when the Captain and crew found her. This was gonna be a two for one special it looked like. These sluts didn’t put up much of a fight when the crew told them about the boat and asked them to go for a cruise. They didn’t tell them it was a one way sex trip. Check out all the action here.

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  • Captain Stabbin

    Jan 14,2006

    Captain Stabbin Captain Stabbin
    If the name doesn’t clue you into what happens on the Captains Boat, I’m not sure what will. This guy loves anal sex and tight sluts. He lures these stupid bimbos on his boat and sets off to sea. Once there he tells them put up or jump out and swim back. What is a sexy slut to do but kick off her clothes and let him fuck her in every hole that he desires. The Captain always loves his ass action so if you love ass pumping action check out the Captain. He will show you how to trick and pump those asses.

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