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Captain Stabbin: Hollie

Jan 17,2009

Captain Stabbin: HollieAhoy

Hollie loves the water, and any chance she gets a chance to you’ll find her on the  open water. You can tell she has a great breast stroke by her beautiful firm tits.  She was thrilled when she got a chance to sail with the Captain and crew.  She had no problem letting them feel her pretty tits and get fingered in her ass and pussy for her voyage fees. She loved the feel of that meat in her hungry mouth and a big cock in her pretty pussy.

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  • Captain Stabbin: Holly

    Aug 16,2008

    Teens For Cash: Camryn KissChristmas Holly in August

    Holly is a fine ass bitch with brunette hair and a set of tits that were made to be man handled. She loved the thought of heading out onto the open seas with the Captain and his crew. She knew about the Capt. by watching his antics on her own computer at home, and loved the thought she could watch her own damn ass getting poked while riding the waves. Ahoy Holly!

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  • Captain Stabbin: Tiff & Friend

    Apr 5,2008

    Captain Stabbin: TiffRock The Boat

    Tiff and her friend had never had the chance to go cruising on a big ass yacht like the Captain has. When they were offered a little boat ride they couldn’t resist and hopped right on.  Tiff is so freakin hot it was hard to keep the hands off the booty, so the  guys didn’t .   Watch as this big eyed girl gets all her holes filled with thick meat while her girlfriend watches  and the seas roll beneath her.  This hot slut loved every min on the Capt’s boat and her friend wanted stuffed like a mackrel and she gets it…

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  • Captain Stabbin: Carmen

    May 30,2007

    Captain Stabbin: CarmenHigh Sea Adventures with Two BootyBabes
    Gossip does so much for your rep! Josh first told one friend he was heading out to sea for some fun in the sun, and it wasn’t 2 hours later that some hotties came to find him dressed in some drop dead bikini’s and wanted to know if they could hop on board and go to sea with him. He pretended to think about it abit before saying yes. Once on board the guys got those babes out of the bikini bottoms and those phat asses were shining in the sun. It didnt’ take long before they got those asses bent and stuffed. It’s always a good day at sea.

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  • Captain Stabbin: Melina

    May 2,2007

    Captain Stabbin: MelinaSurf Shop Rubs a Board
    This brunette named Melina was checking out some hot surf boards at the local surf shack. Well this is the Captains favorite surfing shop and he saw that phat ass looking at boards and know he had to tap it. They took a long time talking her sweet ass on to the boat, but once they did they could hardly contain this wild sex fox. She was squeezing and feeling everyones cock and ass and couldn’t wait to have her pussy and ass banged. She loved all that cock and she was begging for more and more.

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  • Friday
    Mar 30,2007

    Captain Stabbin: VanessaHigh Sea Booty Adventure
    The Captain is back and this time he has brought two sexy sea bitches to join him on the open sea. These two babes are ready and excited. They just jumped right on the boat and started to wiggle and jiggle those tight asses. Just what the Captain and his crew of horny men love and adore.These girls were ready for the ass and cock experience and squeeled and begged for more when those tight asses got reamed. Everyone got a turn on those fine round asses ready for drilling and a good time was had by all.

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  • Captain Stabbin: Cassandra

    Jan 28,2007

    Captain Stabbin: CassandraOil Me Up Captain
    This smoking hot blonde didn’t awnt to be a stranger to anyone. She met one of the guys off shore an they became instant buds, of course he took her back to the boat, and she was off and running. She went around meeting everyone. Then she got comfortable and really freindy with the guys. She loved having her tits looked at, touched and of course the Captain oiled them all up for her, before he got his thick cock sucked. She couldn’t wait to feel his stiff cock filling up her pretty pink pussy.

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  • Friday
    Jan 5,2007

    Captain Stabbin: CaliCaptain Santa
    They met this hot sunkissed blonde named Cali at the shopping mall. She was out shopping and getting those last min gifts for people. She was not sure what to buy and was just meandering around the mall trying to find anything to give those last min folks on her Christmas list. What a Xmas gift this was for the crew when they caught up to her and talked her into getting a hot cock present for herself. Who wouldn’t want this sexy sun kissed blonde as a present under the tree or better yet under the cock?

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  • Captain Stabbin: Simone

    Dec 19,2006

    Captain Stabbin: SimoneDeFlowered on the Fuck Boat
    This smoking hot black slut was selling flowers in Miami when the crew found her. She wasn’t sure what to do bout the crew at her flower stall at first until they bought all the flowers and brought her back to the good ole Captains boat. She loved the water and it wasn’t long until she was loving some cock with those thick lips and cute tight pussy. Check out this hot black slut.

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  • Captain Stabbin: Alisha

    Nov 24,2006

    Captain Stabbin: AlishaOpen Water Means Open Legs
    This is the story of a boat ride with Alisha! This is a hot blonde that the Captain found at the store and got to check out his boat. It didnt’ take but a few drinks before she was opening her pretty thighs and inviting the Captain to have a ride in her own pink sea. She is a total sex freak and she is just twenty-five. You will love watching this little slut in action sucking cock and getting her ass pounded. Check out her free video clip to see exactly what I mean!

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