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Boys First Time: Anton & Sean

Jan 11,2009

Big Naturals: Gianna and SiennaWhere is the Nipple?

Sean is a straight dude, and hasn’t even thought about busting another guys ass with his ram rod cock. Well Anton spotted him at hte party, and when Anton makes up his mind he gets what he wants. He talks Sean into checking out his apartment with him, and as he shows him the perks, he gives him the entire tour including a close-up of his cock and balls. Sean will never be the same.

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  • Boys First Time: Khristopher

    Feb 16,2008

    Boys First Time: KhristopherGobbling the Gator

    It was an outdoors weekend for the Boys First Time twinks. They got all packed  up to head to the woods. They wanted to check out the flora and fauna and get  their own tight asses packed with meat. When they got into the woods they unpacked,  set up those pup tents then got naked and enjoyed hanging out in the sun. When  the sun blazed hot overhead then they got horny and started sucking cock and
      chewing balls. Check out all the hot action!

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  • Boys First Time: Devon

    Oct 13,2007

    Boys First Time: DevoneMelting Chocolate Outside
    This horny chocolate twink loves it outside. He can’t get enough of the sun and water. He swims everyday and it shows in his tight abs and biceps. He has some great muscles including his thick man muscle. He is from Fort Lauderdale to show the camera his best muscle. He came to the studio and his massive cock demanded his attention and he gave it some hand love and it spewed all over those tight abs.

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  • Thursday
    Jul 19,2007

    Boys First Time: Willie WankerWankin to the Bugles
    The guys at Boys First Time were in luck this week when Willie dropped by to fuck his first piece of ass. He met up with his new boy toy James, and together they had a total blast on the set. They did some jerking, and then James sucked, licked and gobbled down Willies cock. James got his thick meat stick gobbled down by Willie and his ass licked and fondled. These guys went nuts and started stroking and licking and sucking like there wasn’t another cock around. You will want to check out these to crazed guys.

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  • Boys First Time: Damien

    May 29,2007

    Boys First TimeCute & Innocent 18yr Old
    What better way to spend your birthday then to have your cherry popped on your eighteenth? This is one of those episodes where the boy gets his cake and can eat it too! He was a timid little man in the beginning, but once Kaiden started giving him a blow-job all that stopped and he became a horny little twink. He couldn’t wait to suck Kaiden’s cock and to let him bury his meat in his ass bareback style. Ride’m Cowboy! This birthday boy was so wild! What a wonderful pliable model he really was.

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  • Boys First Time:London

    May 1,2007

    Boys First Time: RecoSalute My Thick Cock Boy!
    Reco’s man London just signed up to be in the Army. Oh My God! What is Reco going to do! Well London knows what he wants to do and immediately orders Reco to his knees. He unzips his pants and shoves his cock into Reco’s face. Suck That! He orders! He is practicing for the Army and Reco decides he likes it and sucks on that thick cock immediately. It gets hotter and hotter and Reco gets to see London’s rough side.

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  • Boys First Time: Chas and AJ

    Mar 29,2007

    Boys First Time: ChazHotDog Picnic Outside
    The great outdoors gives you quite an appetite and not just for food. These two twinky hunks are outside having a bit of a picnic when they decided that hotdogs would be a much better venue then the food that they brought along. They get naked for some fun and hotdog eating contests and caress and lick each other on that cute picnic blanket. What other hot places can a hotdog fit? Well these two will play and check out all the places in the sun and wind of this very gay picnic.

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  • Boys First Time: Angel

    Jul 6,2006

    Boys First Time: AngelHe is no Angel: He got made
    This barely teen named Angel was so cute that Mike just knew he had to catch that innocence on film. Magick Mike always gets his boy and this wasn’t an exception. He was in for a bit of a shock as this Angel wasn’t an angel after all. He was a freaky deak and cutier then hell. Check out all 48 uncensored mins in this hotter then hot boy boy action episode.

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  • Boys First Time: RJ

    Apr 27,2006

    BoysDeepthroat Newbie
    This guy must have latent gay tendencies, because it didnt’ take Magik Mike long to seduce him into leaving the mall and heading home with him to his apartment. Then the fun begins he gets him to touch him, lick him and then deep throat him! What a great new guy this is! This makes one of the best episdodes at Boys First Time I’ve seen you won’t wanna miss this one! Check it out.

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  • Boys First Time: Yon

    Feb 21,2006

    Boys First Time: Yon CapOver Yon Der
    Once again Magick Mike hunts down and finds a cute straight guy to pose and fuck for the cameras. He found this cutie and got him interested in his internet business. That got him curious enough that it was easy to bring him home to show him the special equipment that he uses. When they got there it wasn’t to much of a problem getting this cutie undressed and pumping his prick for the camera to an explosive conclusion.

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