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Boob Exam Scam: Katie

Feb 8,2006

Boob Exam Scam: KatieC Cup Blonde
Katie was worried. She had a wild taste of metal in her mouth and came to see the doctor to have it checked out. Well this doc doesn’t really have a medical license so he of course checked out her titties and gave them a very close exam. He mentioned that those pierced nipples might be the cause, but after his feeling up those lovely mountains of flesh, he had to of course had to give her the prescription of hot cock down her throat.

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  • Boob Exam Scam

    Jan 25,2006

    Boob Exam ScamBoob Exam Scam
    Did you ever wish you were a doctor? The kind that fondles, feels and checks out chicks tits for lumps? Well now you can have a behind the scene look at some lovely sluts that get scammed into letting these pretend doctors check out their titties and fondle and then fuck them. Check out Kaylas “f” cup, Natashas natural “c” cup, and Ceceilas tickle tits along with other sultry chicks with hot natural tits.

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