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Blind Date Bangers: Tori

Jul 6,2008

Blind Date Bangers: ToriHottie First Timer

This is something that Tori had never done before. She was tired of dating the same ole guys so she contacted Blind Date Bangers to see if they could hook her up with someone new and very cool. They found Mike and he was waiting to find the right bitch to bang. They put them both together and the sparks flew as these two flew to new heights as they fucked like bunnies.



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  • Blind Date Bangers: Kenzie

    Jun 1,2006

    BlindFirst Date and She is Banging Him Hard
    This blonde slut was introduced to this guy and it wasn’t long until she realized they had a lot in common. They of course were talking about sex. She loves to have her pussy pounded like a true slut hard and long. She mentioned that she loves oral sex and sucking on a big ass thick cock. Well this guy whips out his cock and shows her he has th right stuff and she is all over that cock.

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  • Blind Date Bangers: Gianna

    Feb 19,2006

    Blind Date Bangers: GiannaGame Play Nude
    Who loves strip monopoly? I do! I loved watching Gianna get into a game of strip monopoly with her blinddate. If that isn’t a ice breaker, well I don’t know what is! It didn’t take long before the clothes were being thrown and the pussy was sweet. Nick loved that it was bald and so soft that he immediatetly got to work on sucking and licking it until he had her crying out for balls deep pussy pounding. He went right to work and made sure this brunette got her wishes, he is a gentlemen that way.

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  • Blind Date Bangers

    Jan 17,2006

    Blind Date Bangers Blind Date Bangers
    How many times have you been on a blind date to find it just sucked! The entire date just sucks, the chick isn’t friendly and won’t put out after you bought her a nice dinner and shit. This site focuses on making hookups that turn into fuckups! These couples meet and fuck the same day. Now this is the kind of personal’s service I wanna get hooked up with!

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