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Back Street Bangers: Lana

Aug 18,2007

Monsters of Cock: Size GuessingRte 66 FuckShow
The guys found Lana shopping for a hot fuck me outfit at the mall. She was going out clubbing and wanted to look hot and prick tease all the guys at the club. She was getting married and wanted that last wilid fling before becoming an ole married lady. The guys were happy to comply and taught her some new grooves to show her hubby on the wedding night.

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  • Back Street Bangers: Ashely

    Jun 5,2007

    BackSeat Bangers: AshleyRide of a Lifetime
    It wasn’t hard to get Ashely into the back of the SUV. She had perfect tits and that beach bum attitude. She told the guys her boyfriend would be getting off soon, but she couldn’t resist a ride in the van. She was a great find. She didn’t mind getting a few rug burns on her knees and ass as it got pounded going down the road at 70 mph. She was an amazing cock sucker and she got he reward by having that pussy pounded all the way home. She was a bit the worse for wear when she got to her crib. I wonder if her boyfriend will notice!

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  • Back Seat Bangers: Holly

    Oct 16,2006

    Backseat Bangers: HollyHighway Banging Van Style
    Some Chicks are just sluts at heart. It doesn’t matter where you are ther are always one or two whores just waiting around for the right line or guy. This time the guys lucked out and found one of those true sluts that knew immediately that they were full o fshit, but didn’t care, she just wanted to get her pussy banged she didn’t care where or how.. and so the good old highway 69 banging adventure begins!

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  • Back Seat Bangers: Carnelita

    May 6,2006

    BackThe Doctor is In
    What do you do when your dog is off da chain and humping some sexy brunettes leg? You sure as hell fell silly and apologize all over the place. Thats what happened here, but it soon turns out this smoking slut is a dr of sexual relations. She had a great fucking chat with our guy from Back Seat Bangers and one thing lead to another and it wasn’t long till she was showing him the proper way to fuck cock and get a hard dick up her ass.

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  • Back Seat Bangers: Lulu

    Mar 31,2006

    Backseat Bangers: LuluHairstylist Makes Fuck Cut
    This crazy cute hairstylist named Lulu took the bait when Joe told her he needed a Latina dancer for a party he was having. She was a real party girl and she got into the feel for the moment and hopped on in. It didn’t’ take long before Joe had her smiling and teased her into taking off her shirt and showing some pink burrito. The next thing you know she is sucking down his thick tamale and having her taco swabbed with some hot sauce.

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  • Wednesday
    Mar 1,2006

    Backseat Bangers: Vanessa & DonnieBrunettes In The Backseat
    Vanessa didn’t feel like working and took a ride with the guys in the van. She ended upworking, but not for money just to feel her pussy get drenching wet from driving around fucking and a big fat load of cum at the end of the bouncy ride. Just add one more brunette and there is double bouncing trouble on the interstate as these busty vixens get fucked and scream loud enough for the cars passing by to hear.

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  • Back Seat Bangers: Irena

    Feb 9,2006

    Backseat Bangers: IrenaTwo For The Road
    Perfect tits bouncing up and down as they cruise down the road beating meat and pounding pussy. This hot Russian chick was perfect for the guys on this cruising patrol. They got her ass in the van and started with giving her a flesh racket and some hairy balls to play with. They banged those balls in that tight pussy and watching her scream for the road. Check out her special road trip in 152 pics and videos to match.

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  • Back Seat Bangers

    Jan 24,2006

    Back Seat BangersBack Seat Bangers
    You haven’t seen anything like this site. These guys pick up street chicks and talk them into going for a ride in the car. Once in they get interviewed about sex, talked into showing some tits and then banged in the back seat as they drive on down the road. Have you seen some naked ass bitches getting fucked in the backseat of a car going down the road? If you have then you have seen live action of Back Seat Bangers. 

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