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American Daydreams: Audrey

Oct 26,2006

American Daydreams: AudreyBelly Dancers are Sluts Too
It seems that Eric and the boys went to Morocco for Scott’s bachelor party… Didn’t know he was getting married, but anyway they wanted to buy some rugs, eat some different types of food and check out the belly dancers! They met Audrey doining her sexy dance, and it wasn’t long until she was dancing on his stuff cock with her beautiful full lips and then riding his pole swaying to the music and making herself cum all over that stiffy.

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  • American Daydreams: Nyomi

    Mar 9,2006

    American Daydreams: NyomiShe Didn’t Call Geiko! UtOH!
    This guy is driving down the street thinking about the what he might want to have for diner, when this bitch hits him, just trashes his rear end. She isn’t insured, and wants to cover the damages herself without calling the police, what a perfect dream come true. She goes back to the crib and he does his own rear-ending. He gets her to suck his big black cock, and then he shoves it in her tight ass. Rear-end that bitch.

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  • American Daydreams: Lexi

    Feb 9,2006

    American Daydreams LexiFireman’s Hose
    This brunette fuck slut has a crush on Lawrence her friend. She tells him her house is in danger of burning down to get his ass over there to check out a few things and hose them down if needed. Our dear Lexi has a deep seated fire down below in that wet pussy of hers and thinks that Lawrence is just the man to quench that fire for her. Watch her as she get her freak on with the hose of this fireman.

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  • American Daydreams

    Jan 29,2006

    American DaydreamsAmerican Daydreams
    This site focuses on the American Dream, no not apple pie and mom. They focus on all the nasty daydreams that are thought about in the good ole USA that noone ever acts on. If you can dream it then you can most likely find it on this website. You can check out horny new neighbors, kinky pizza delivery chicks, sexy Asian massages and much more you gotta check this shit out.

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