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8th Street Latinas: Tatty

Jan 3,2009

8th Street Latinas: TattyTatty’s TaTas

Ayi Carumba what a saucy Latina honey they had today. This pretty fillies name is Tatty and she stated she loved to show off for an audience when the guys found her at the beach. She had a fine ass and tits and the guys took her back to the new apartment to see how much she really loved an audience.  She showed them her incredible flexible fucking skills and it was a fine day after all.

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  • Saturday
    Mar 22,2008

    8th Street Latina: AnnMarieWood Gets Delivered

    Ann Marie is a hot and spicy Latina honey that works down at the wood working  shop. NO not cock wood, real wood like cherry and oak. She is an expert in the  fine hard woods, and I wanted to introduce her to some other wood, and find
      out if she was an expert on fleshy wood. When she got to the crib, she showed  everyone how expert she was with woodworking by sanding down a thick meaty woodcock with her finely tuned lips. When she was done she had that wood pounding her  box and it was a firm tight closure.

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  • 8th Street Latinas: Sammi

    Mar 8,2008

    8th Street Latina: SammiParty Girls in the House

    Sammi brought her pretty friend with her to a pool party. NO no, not by the  poolside, but inside shooting balls with sticks. They wanted to up the odds,  and offered the guys a bet. The winner got to do whatever they wanted with the
      pussy. That was a win win for the guys and the girls loved teasing the guys with those phat asses and pink slits until they won…
    They got their pussies pounded and a hot facial for the last blast of the night!

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  • 8th Street Latinas

    Sep 1,2007

    Monsters of Cock: Size GuessingHuge Latina Tetas
    The guys needed some sunglasses because the sun was so damn hot and headed into this hole in the wall to check out what they had to offer. They had more then sunglasses, they had a Latina slut with huge knockers and she knew how to use them, the guys bought like 7 pairs of shades, and got her name, and talked her up and down until she went back to the pad with them. Then they sold her on their big cocks.

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  • 8th Street Latinas: Genie

    Jul 16,2007

    8th Street Latinas: GenieRight Out of a Bottle
    The guys were short on help around the office, they figured they would call in their friends and neighbors to help out. They really let the jackpot. This pretty little Genie came by with her resume in hand. They tested her in several areas including Dictation, an oral exam and of course wanted to see her in all the positions. She worked so hard and long on all those tests that she flew through with flying colors! This hot Latina excells at cock sucking and getting her pussy pounded.

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  • 8th Street Latinas: Paola

    Apr 28,2007

    8th Street Latinas: PaolaSpicy Latina Tongue on Pussy
    Everyone loves latinas, esp when you have two of them that can’t get enough of each other. These hotties were working together at the locak diner when the guys stopped in. They watched these two flirt in side and then when the shift was over they invited them over for drinks and to hang out. They were soon eating and licking each other until they were screaming for cock and tongue. The guys didnt’ waste anytime giving these two sluts the thick cock they needed after having those slits licked to extremes.

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  • 8th Street Latinas: Emma

    Mar 28,2007

    8th Street Latinas: EmmaPick up in aisle one
    The guys were cruzin and stopped by the liquer store to find something to drink and instead found a bit more then just some beer to take home. They found this sexy bitch in tight jeans and mid cut top. It didnt’ take long to talk her Latina ass into heading back to the crib and once there she knew exactly what to do wtih those thick sclongs stuck in her face. What a cock sucking pro! She also knew exactly what to do when she got on her back and spread those dark skinned legs. She was a hot and steamy slut for sure.

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  • 8th Street Latinas: Mona

    Jan 27,2007

    8th Street Latinas: MonaMoan Mona Moan
    Took the guys breath away. Originally Jay wanted to get a new bitch to fuck. He had his eye on a stunning blonde Latina slut that worked at the skate shop. The guys headed down there, but instead of this smokin blonde they found Mona. Mona is a real sex slut. She has lips that could suck your cock to heaven and a booty that just won’t quit. They took this sexy skater chick home and let her wrap her pussy around Jay’s massive cock. She had Jay’s cock working overtime in that tight pussy of hers, and she loved getting some man goo all over her pretty face.

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  • Sunday
    Jan 7,2007

    8th Street Latinas: GabrielleColumbian Gold
    The guys were out shopping for tools and a new lawn mower. They found this sexy Latina, named Gabrielle, working behind the desk at the local hardware store. She was a hottie. She had thick lovely lips just made to suck cock. They of course negotated for the price of the mower, then they hit her up to come home with them. They loved the way this sexy babe looked. This hot Latina sure could suck some thick cock. She couldn’t get enough of these guys and she was wearing them out with all that Latin fire and had to put it out with a thick load of creamy man goo.

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  • 8th Street Latinas: Gabby

    Dec 17,2006

    8th Street Latina: GabbyGabby the Guzzler
    Talk about sexy brazilian mammas well this bitch is smokin hot. Once the guys found her shopping for some accessories in the tienda they were on the prowl and after that latin ass. Some of the crew is still trying to learn the spanish so our big boy just started rapping with this hot latina slut and it wasn’t long until they were headed back to the crib and she turned out to be the best cum guzzler they have seen in a very long time. Check out this hot cum loving latin slut

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