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40 Inch Plus: Syndee

Jan 4,2009

40 Inch Plus: SyndeeSyndee’s Forty Inch ASs

Any blind dude could feel the thunder as this big ass came rolling down the street. She didn’t have to show off her assets to our measuring tape, but the guys went ahead and measured that phat ass and it was a nice forty-seven inches wide. She had a nice set of plump pussy lips as well. She got her lips licked by a sweet number named Sugar and the entire bed got soaking wet with tongue and girlie juices.

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  • 40 Inch Plus: Cristina Rose

    Nov 29,2008

    40 Inch Plus: Cristina RoseA Taste of Ass

    This horny chicka has one of the nicest asses around and a cute pair of tits to match. The best part is that she loves to fuck. She can’t seem to get enough
    big thick beef shoved deep inside that pretty pink clam of hers. Watch as Rocco gets a chance to bump and grind against that fine pussy and feel up her fine ass.

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  • 40 Inch Plus: Kelly

    Jul 13,2008

    40inchplus: Kelly DivinePhat Round Ass

    The term baby got back just doesn’t describe this brunette honies apple ass. She is carrying a whole lotta phat ass that just can’t be denied.
    These globes could hold a thick cock and a beer at the same time. Watch this horny brunette as she gets a mouth full of cock that she gobbles until her eyes pop and her pretty pink pussy gets stretched wide.



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  • 40 Inch Plus: Mika

    Mar 23,2008

    40 Inch Plus: MikaAsian Ass Machine

    Mika is a true mixture of oddities. She is a beautiful Asian babe with a huge white apple booty. Where the fuck she get that huge ass? She has a teeny tiny waist that leads you to that huge heart shaped rump of hers. You can’t stop looking at Mika’s ass no matter how hard you try. She tries to win you with a smile and a flash of pretty tits, but you’ll still be watching that ass hoping to tap it with your thick cock. Enjoy this perky Asian honey!

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  • 40 Inch Plus: Luscious

    Oct 14,2007

    Luscious: 40inch PlusForty-Five Inch Spread
    What a fat ass on hand today. Brooke and Claire had a ton of juice to offer. They were having so much fun with each other oiling up those phatties and then those big ass titties that it was hard to not watch them. Justin and Jerry couldn’t help but join the fray and add their inches to the mix. These guys couldn’t help put punish those wet pussies and massive tits. It’s a damn good time for all. Watch the fucking as they all have a good oily time.

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  • 40 Inch Plus: Brianna

    May 24,2007

    40 inch Plus: BriannaThree Phat Asses
    Not one, not two, but three phat asses hanging out together. What a ass man’s dream come true. They couldn’t have been more sexy and more compliant. They loved sharing each other and doing some cheerleading pyramids dripping with oil and water. God was that something to see. These asses take up the whole screen, so if you have a moniter thats large you’ll be seeing some filled up space. This was one hot summer day that included some seared cooter and salad tossing bitches. You have to see this shit to believe it.

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  • 40Inch Plus: Britney

    Mar 1,2007

    40 Inch Plus: BritneySmoking Hot, Horny and She Does Laundry
    This hot brunette is extra special. She is a great roommate. She is smokin hot, she has a round phat ass and loves to do laundry for her roommate. What the hell. That is like paradise right here on earth! She couldn’t wait to show her me how much she loves cock and after throwing some laundry in the washer, comes over and gets my buddies cock and starts to suck it. Then she climbs on board and bounces that fine pussy up and down on his thick knob showing off her asscheeks.

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  • 40 Inch Plus: Stacy

    Aug 13,2006

    40 Inch Plus:StacyThe Tape Measures Them All
    Stacy is a drop dead blonde that will make any cock stand up and throb wanting to pound this bitch, but her ass… it doesn’t seem to be over 40 inches. The guys couldn’t leave this smoking slut alone and took her to the crib to measure that bountiful booty and it was actually 45 inches wide and very fuckable. This is one episode you won’t wanna miss.

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  • 40 Inch Plus: Eva

    Jul 7,2006

    40 Inch Plus: EvaEva’s just barely 40 inch Rump Action
    This bouncing booty was almost thrown bck in for fear it was to small, but once the measuring tape came out it was clear she was allowed in the 40+ inch club. She was a serious freak a dink in the sheets too. She was all over that cock with mouth, hands and hot ass. You wanna talk about some ass meat, then check out Eva.

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  • 40 Inch Plus: Mikayla

    Jun 26,2006

    40 Inch Plus: MikaylaThe 42inch Report
    This hot little bottom was on the phone whining about her tryouts at the strip club. That she failed so horribly. The guys had no idea what to expect, if she flunked a strip club what did she look like. When she came thru te door howevr and they saw that 42 inch bouncing ass they knew they were onto something HOT! The guys were all about the self esteem when she showed up and showed her she has the ass and body for that club, and needed a bit of polishing. She got to polish and spit shine some thick peckers along with that routine.

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