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18 Years Old: Melanie Jane

Feb 23,2010

What a sweet tidbit of teen this cutie is.  Melanie Jane is the sweetest teen you’ll ever meet and she has a pretty teen pussy that tastes like candy.  Check her out as she gets a sweet teddy bear from the fair and rewards her big champion with a hard fuck in that sweet and tasty pussy.  This guy gets his candy cane melted by her hot girl juices.

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  • 18 Years Old: Abby

    Jan 8,2010


    This brunette cutie loves to get her game on.  She loves to compete and she actually throws a bit of a tantrum if she loses.  She even taught the stock boy at the arcade a few games he didn’t even know including hide the sausage.  No matter what game this little tramp is playing it is sure to be hot, wild and sexy as hell.

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  • 18 Years Old: Tara and Rita

    Nov 24,2009


    Tara and Rita really did try to do a good job painting the house.  The problem is that they  were more interested in what their employeer had hiding in his jeans then making sure the paint was applied properly.  They ended up playing with white dick cream and painted that shit everywhere they could.

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  • 18 Years Old: Krystal

    Oct 10,2009


    This pretty teen wants to be a cover model, and she figured sucking that cock and getting her face fucked was a sure way of getting her face plastered on the covers of magazines, but today she finds her face plastered with a huge spray of man jizz.

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  • 18 Years Old: Bliss

    Aug 19,2009


    This lovely brunette is Bliss, and I have to say that her name fits her perfectly. She is a sweet and lovely little teen that needs to be given special attention. She is selling snow cones to get enough cash for a used car. She needs it for her first semester of college. She gets more than cash today as this guy gives her a sausage for her snow cones.

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  • 18 Years Old: Rebecca

    Jun 14,2009


    When Rebecca lost her puppy she was devastated.  She looked everywhere for her wayward puppy, but couldn’t find him.  She posted flyers, but the only guys calling her were for booty calls and not lost doggie calls.  She takes them up on those sexy calls to keep her mind off of losing her cute pup.

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  • 18 Years Old: Lexi and Jewel

    Apr 5,2009


    Lexi and Jewel have a great relationship, they are BFF’s and don’t do anything ever alone. They shop together, play, gossip and when they spend the night at each other’s house they play together. Check out these amazing teen sluts as they have a pillow fight. When they get caught by Lexi’s boyfriend, he takes full advantage of the situation and gets them both to use his cock like a plaything until they are slippery and wet. Then he gives them both a white shower of cum.

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