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Fast Times at NAU

Feb 4,2006

Fasttimes At NAUFast Times at NAU
Winter break is over and school is back in session for these college chicks. They are learning more then just the books, they are learning some hard dick lessons. They are getting c’s in class, but getting major A’s and B’s in sex education at night. You can find some damn fine sluts here along with some great frat pranks and fucking. You have to check it out.

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  • Teens For Cash

    Jan 31,2006

    Teens For CashTeens For Cash
    You know they say money talks and bullshit walks. This site proves it. It is amazing what can happen when you flash some green in a teens eyes. You can check out this site and see each little bimbo’s price tag. They have sluts that gave it up for only $900.00 and some nice asses for $1700.00. Check out this site and you can find some hot ass bitches and some not so hot cheap tricks. It is just a matter of how many Georges you got with you.

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  • My Sex Tour

    Jan 31,2006

    My Sex TourMy Sex Tour
    This site follows the antics of two guys traveling all over the world proving to themselves and to us that it is easy to find sluts anywhere. They invade chicks from Prague to Croatia. They scan the cities, and hunt for chicks then scam them home. These chicks prove that you can get laid in any country that your American cock can getter done. I think my favorite episode is where they banged the teasing vet in Vienna.

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  • She Got Pimped

    Jan 31,2006

    She Got PimpedShe Got Pimped
    This site is extreme makeover city. These guys go out and find regular ghetto hoes, bring them back and have them pimped out. Some of these chicks were pretty, but had no idea what to wear to be a high classed pimp job. These guys get them pimped out then strip them down and fuck those pink holes. There were some chicks that no matter what they did, they still didn’t lose that ghetto stink, they did however get some stiff cock in that pussy hole and they enjoyed every stroke.

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  • Porn Stud Search

    Jan 31,2006

    Porn Stud SearchPorn Stud Search
    Every guy thinks he is Ron Jeremy. This site goes out and finds guys to do porn auditions. This is a little backwards, usually it is guys finding sexy women to be porn sluts with them. I thought this was a fresh idea watching these guys try to fuck their way into the porn industry. They all think they have nice stiff rods and the moves to make them instant porn stars. It takes a lot of moves and hard work to be a porn stud. Do they have what it takes? or is the last laugh on them? Check it out.

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  • MILF Seeker

    Jan 31,2006

    MILF SeekerMILF Seeker
    What is a MILF? Is it a sexy mom I’d like to fuck, a mature slut that has tons of experience in fucking, a very horny mature slut, or a hot mom that enjoys young cocks? If you agreed to all of those descriptions then you would be very correct. This website takes you deep inside the world of the milf. These guys seek out those hot mature sluts and bring them to the world in graphic pictures and videos. Check it out and learn your mature lesson today.

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  • American Daydreams

    Jan 29,2006

    American DaydreamsAmerican Daydreams
    This site focuses on the American Dream, no not apple pie and mom. They focus on all the nasty daydreams that are thought about in the good ole USA that noone ever acts on. If you can dream it then you can most likely find it on this website. You can check out horny new neighbors, kinky pizza delivery chicks, sexy Asian massages and much more you gotta check this shit out.

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  • Housewife Bangers

    Jan 29,2006

    Housewife BangersHousewife Bangers
    These guys pimp their wives out for some much needed cash. They have blown the nest egg for rent because they were gambling to much or drinking it up. One way or another they lost and these guys win the wives. They watch in shock and dismay as the married sluts love that new cock in their pussy. These loser husbands have played and lost not only their pride, but also their wives for a good hard fucking at their expense.

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  • Sunday
    Jan 29,2006

    Her First Lesbian SexHer First Lesbian Sex
    These guys are always making nasty girls do something for the first time. This time they are searching out and finding sluts that have never licked or had their pussies licked by other chicks. They do some protesting of how wrong this is, but when they get that pussy licked and fucked with a strap-on they cry out and scream as they cum to another womans tongue. This shit was freaking fantastic.

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  • Her First DP

    Jan 29,2006

    Her First DPHer First DP
    Amateur babes become first class sluts taking on two cocks and getting their first Double Penetration drill. These horny sluts had no idea what was going to happen till they got sandwiched between to big thick hung cocks. One of those chicks was horny as hell. Her clit was all swollen and ready to fuck. They fucked her all right they shoved both cocks into both her wholes. One bitch kept screaming you dirty bastards it was quite a video to check out. You have to check these dirty whores out.

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