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Housewife 1 on 1

Feb 4,2006

HouseWife 1 on 1Housewife 1 on 1
This site shows what happens when you negelet your wife. Good lessons to you guys that are married and single. Do not neglet the sexy woman at home or she will find someone that won’t! These hot MILF housewives find the sexual release they need in the strangers that come by the house. It doesn’t matter if its the cable guy or the trashman they will fuck them till they scream.

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  • Housewife Bangers

    Jan 29,2006

    Housewife BangersHousewife Bangers
    These guys pimp their wives out for some much needed cash. They have blown the nest egg for rent because they were gambling to much or drinking it up. One way or another they lost and these guys win the wives. They watch in shock and dismay as the married sluts love that new cock in their pussy. These loser husbands have played and lost not only their pride, but also their wives for a good hard fucking at their expense.

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  • Saturday
    Jan 21,2006

    Please Bang My WifePlease Bang My Wife
    These wives are bored and want some spice in their marriages. What do you do? You find someone to fuck you in front of hubby. Aryanna’s husband was all into the idea, until he saw her fucking Julian. Then he had some expressions on his face that bring me to believe he wasn’t as into it as he made out. The looks on these husbands faces are great, and these wives can fuck like the whores they are and come back for more. This site had me right on the edge of my seat. Its like Jerry Springer without the fighting.

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