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Facial Fest: AJ

Aug 29,2010

AJ Estrada

AJ is a hot Mexican lass that wants to make her way into the porn world.  She wants to be a famous porn actress someday, so she came to L.A. and headed into the first porn studio that she could find.  She showed him all of her assets including her cock sucking skills.

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  • Blowjob Ninjas: Kyleen

    Aug 26,2010


    This hot momma loves sex so much that when her guy goes to work she heads out to find the biggest dick she can and sucks and jerks it until she milks it dry.  When you are looking for a great cock sucking slut you should be looking for Kyleen.

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  • Milf Soup: Cassandra Cruz

    Aug 23,2010

    Cassandra Cruz

    Now this is a land lady that I’d love to have picking up my rent payments!  Cassandra Cruz is a real mature hottie with a super need for hot sex.   When she stops in to pick up the rent and when her guy doesn’t have it she attacks his body and makes him work off the difference.

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  • Teens at Work: Missy Stone

    Aug 20,2010

    Missy Stone Employee of the Month

    Cute Missy is a new employee at the cafe, she has a bad attitude and the customers definately aren’t dealing with her well.  She flings their food at them, bitches about the tips and is overall a total bitch.  Her boss has a way of calming her down, and you won’t want to miss how he calms this shebitch!

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  • Manuel Uncut: Tia

    Aug 17,2010

    Manuel Uncut Tia

    Tia is a hot nasty slut with a fine round ass and some serious cock sucking skills.  Watch as she deep throats that big monser cock and comes back for more and more!  You won’t want to miss this bitch devouring hard cock.

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  • King Dong: Kylee Strutt

    Aug 14,2010

    Wow Kylee can’t believe she ate the whole thing.  She had a birthday cake delivered to her house and when the rest of her present presented itself she about wet her pants.  That was the biggest dick she had ever seen and she gave it her best, and deep throated that monster cock before fucking it stupid.

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  • Footville: Leonna

    Aug 11,2010

    Red-headed bitch Leonna is a real ball buster.  She decided the shoes she bought weren’t to her satisfaction after wearing them for a week.  She went back to a refund and these guys gave her a refund of a diffeent kind.  She scrubs that cock with her feet and they fill her pussy with hard cock.  She got her moneys worth in cock and cum.

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  • Cum Fu: Naomi Lee

    • Filed under: Cum Fu
    Aug 8,2010

    After seeing Miss Lee you will be ready to cheer for anyone.  This long legged Asian cheerleader will have you rah rah rahing your way right into her panties and shaved little pussy.  That is exactly what her cheerleading coach did.  He helped her define her jump and splits, then he split her pussy with his throbbing cock.

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  • CFNM Secret: Holly, Tina & Sarah

    Aug 5,2010

    Holly, Tina & Sarah love playing around with their submissive boy toy.  Today he gets teased and abused by this trio until his cock is rock hard and he is ready to fuck wood.  He even lucks out watching these nasty sluts, and sees some pantyhose clad rimming going on. What more could he want?

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  • Hot Bush: Violet

    Aug 2,2010

    There is nothing better than room service, unless it is delivered by a fiery red-head with a fuzzy bush.  This guy is in 7th heaven when he gets steamy food and pussy brought to him by this gorgeous big titty angel.  He devours that pussy with his cock, and has her lovely girl juice for dessert.

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